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Name: Anya Cervanka
Nickname: Ann
Hometown: California (formerly), Texas (currently)
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 125.2 lbs.
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Half black and red hair bob cut
Species: Human
Occupation: Fashion Designer, singer and a punk rock guitarist
Personality Traits: When performing, she is known for being wild on the stage especially with her electric guitar playing. Outside of music, she's a very shy woman and easily gets nervous as she sometimes would lose confidence. She's easygoing and gets along well with her friends Hannah and Victoria.

Likes: Punk rock, grunge and heavy metal music like Joan Jett, Heart, L7, Nirvana, Metallica, fashion clothing, cute things like small animals including cats (according to the shirt she wears) and plushies. Outside of music and fashion, she loves to play video games like shooters, action-adventure, survival horror and scary movies.
Dislikes: Getting a writer's block on her songwriting, modern R&B,  obnoxious people and those who give her a hard time, overrated bands and musicians.

Attributes: She's a very good singer and is a self-taught guitarist. She is also a proficient writer when it comes to songwriting.
Weaknesses: When not performing, she has a weakness for cute things and is very shy in nature and would sometimes stammer when talking to guys or other small groups of friends.

Goal(s): Be a famous punk rock singer, tour around the world and run a successful fashion line.

Background: After graduating high school, Anya moved from California to Texas to live on her dream of becoming a famous punk rock musician and a fashion designer while studying for college. She later met Hannah and Victoria and became immediate friends with them.
A character my good bro :iconrolling-rio: gave me. I decided to give her the name Anya Cervanka since she loves punk rock music.

Anya Cervanka © Me
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