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The Backers are either male or female cheerleaders. They are usually found in Nimbasa City at sporting events including football, cheering on for a team.

One day before the big game of football could start today in the Big Stadium, the two female Backers are thinking of a way to liven up a game differently.

"How do you think we should make the game enjoyable?" The brown-haired girl named Ai asked her blonde-haired friend Ciel. "I know we often do the same thing but I want to change things up a bit."

"I know just what we could do to spice the football game up," Ciel winked and had an idea bulb lit up over her head.

"Like how, Ciel?" Ai wondered as she could feel what her friend is thinking.

"Do you remember those air tanks they keep in the storage room?" Ciel asked.

"Yeah, I remember seeing them when they use those to refill the air into the deflated footballs," Ai replied.

"Let's sneak into the storage room before the game could start. We could take them and inflate ourselves into cheerleader balloons."

"But wouldn't we distract the people who come to see the game?" Ai thought and felt a little worried about everyone would just stare at them and not watch the teams play.

"Don't be daft, Ai," Ciel reassured her that everything will be cool. "All this game needs is some more enjoyment and change things up a bit," she added with another.

The two girls left the locker room and sneaked into the storage room. They made sure nobody followed them all the way there and reached to where they needed to go. After finding the storage room, they opened the door quietly and saw all the sporting equipment stored for the events. They were able to find the two air tanks just right off the bat and sneaked out of the room quietly.

"Oh man this is going to be a fun game tonight," Ciel giggled.

"I agree," Ai replied and made a smile on her face.

As time had passed until the major football event began to start, the football players known as Linebackers all gathered up on the field to start the game. Everyone filled up almost all the bleachers as they were all anticipated on which team would win the game tonight.

Ai and Ciel joined into the cheerleading squad among all the other Backers but were the only two to have the air tanks hidden.

"On my cue," Ciel reminded Ai to be prepared for what they are about to do.

When the cheerleaders began to cheer, both Ai and Ciel secretly insert the two air hoses into their mouths and turned on the tanks. Their bodies began to fill up with the air as they started to inflate like a Jigglypuff when she gets angry over anyone sleeping through her singing.

"Mmmmph!" both Ai and Ciel muffled through the air hose and watched themselves expand and closed their eyes in content.

The two girls continued to inflate as their clothing began to stretch with no signs of rips or tears. Ai's skirt lifted up causing her underwear to reveal and Ciel's yellow shorts to stretch within her ballooning body. They also reached the point to where their hands and feet have been absorbed into her ballooned bodies but kept their pom-poms in each hand like they now have pom-pom hands.

By the time they were done having any more air inside their bodies, they both spat out the air hoses and started to roll around the field.

"Go team! Make this game the best tonight and win, win, win!" both Ai and Ciel cheered in chipmunk like voices as they flapped their pom-pom hands. "If that one team can't win, no one can!"

Time went on as not only the fans who watched the game not only enjoyed the event but watched Ai and Ciel being the only two cheerleader balloons. However, the game became more enjoyable to watch thanks to those two girls.

Eventually, the game was over and one of the winning teams won for tonight. Before Ai and Ciel could return to the locker room, it was now the time to deflate back to normal.

"I think we can return back to our old selves," Ai said still sounding like a chipmunk.

"I agree," Ciel nodded in agreement. "This game is now the best night of all the times of my cheerleading."

Both Ai and Ciel took deep breaths, opened their mouths and expelled all the helium air out of their bodies. After the girls returned to normal, they headed towards the locker rooms and reminisced about how the two teams played.
Fer the two female Backer cheerleaders from Pokemon Black and White, I chose the names Ai and Ciel fer this story.

Pic. © :iconambipucca:

Backers from Pokemon Black and White 
© Nintendo/GameFreak
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