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Steampunk princess

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I love this so fucking much oh my god
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Would you mind if I shared this photo on my steampunk blog Xerposa?
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sure, just please give credit
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Awesome!!!! I love Steampunk, it rocks!!! :love:
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brittymon37's avatar
you took this pic or what?
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Yeah, that's the idea. I also do the editing.
brittymon37's avatar
idea? i dont understand. you sound and look like an art thief to me... you have like no works there random and really it seems odd to me.
HannahCombs's avatar
What gallery are you looking at? I have 265 deviations, which aren't random at all. I'll guarantee all of the art is authentically mine.

Maybe you should look into it a little more before you decide to call someone a thief.
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lol sorry you aren't who i was thinking of...
terribly sorry!
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This is a fantastic photo!!!
petit-pot-de-yaourt's avatar
Le site réouvre ses portes, c'est l'occasion de faire tourner cette adresse :


A bientôt !
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a perfect Steampunk princess. :clap:
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Damn cool, the lighting and colours are perfect.

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wow.. nice glasses :D
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Great lighting.
squidsmarks's avatar
really nice.
contrast and colour are beautiful.
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Lovely colours!!
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Beautiful image.
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