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[VENT ART] Relapse

Just some vent art **vent ahead;**
I had a relapse today after doing so well and being so strong for so long. Had a major anxiety attack this morning, couldn't even get out the door, I was still determined to go to work, but mum forced me to stay home (In a good way) - I hate taking time off work, my neighbour phoned them for me as she works there too and was going in today as well, I hope they were okay with it, I have no idea as of yet how they reacted or what was even said. oh well, guess I would've been a huge nuisance going into work like that ahaa - Drawing is seriously my saving grace at times like this. I thought I was over this, but I guess it never really goes away. just a temporary relapse, i'll move on and be better tomorrow i'm sure

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