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TRASH- Bathroom:Photoshoot by hannah-leah TRASH- Bathroom:Photoshoot :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 3 CLOSER- Bathroom:Photoshoot by hannah-leah CLOSER- Bathroom:Photoshoot :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 0 LOVE- Bathroom:Photoshoot by hannah-leah LOVE- Bathroom:Photoshoot :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 3 darker than this by hannah-leah darker than this :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 3 Pool by hannah-leah Pool :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 7 50's by hannah-leah 50's :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 5
we were just there
I must be going insane. I can’t live like this. No- it’s not a lie. I can’t love you. It’s just- I care about you so much that I could never forgive myself if I hurt you that way. Like that. I’m sorry- I’m trying to figure things out here. What to say to you- more of how to say it. You know that I never loved you. And I could apologize for that fifty times over- but you wouldn’t care. Because the fact would still remain that I do not –and never will- love you. But I’m still sorry. Look- I never wanted this to happen. It just sort of- -evolved. And that’s my fault. I should’ve stopped it. But I was scared. I was waiting. To see if I could- just this once- let myself love you. But I waited and waited and---  I’m done waiting. For all I know- my true love may still be out there .  They might be having their first date in the beginning of a serious relationship. And I have to go out there and stop them from mak
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me eyes by hannah-leah me eyes :iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 3
Crayons r Out of the Question
Let’s both be desks- with books thrust upon us.
Let’s push our desks together- so we can hold their weight forever.
You want to be a pencil? So you can write out what you say.
I’m missing a piece of paper-
You can write on me today.
This wasn’t supposed to be permanent-
Did you forget to change the marker?
I’ve been rubbing myself raw.
You’re words were never washable.
Let’s both be doors- with hands always touching us.
Why don’t you be my hinges- so can make sure I don’t swing too far.
I want to be a marker- so I can make what I say bold.
One you have a piece of paper-
My marker is too old.
I wanted to be permanent-
Did you happen to change the marker?
You haven’t been rubbed raw.
I never thought that I’d be washable.
I never thought that I’d be washable.
Let me be a map- with places always changing.
Why don’t you be my ocean-since I always seem to be sea level.
And why don’t you be a pencil- so I can always have th
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thoughts- 3
Maybe we’re here for a purpose.
But- then again- maybe we’re just all here.
Living separate lives.
And lies.
We’re waiting for a chance.
To show ourselves.
We’re waiting to be ‘us.’
And not the high school
Conformist we are today.
Because that’s the only way.
We know of.
When we try to be ourselves
We’re frowned upon
Drowned in a pond-
For trying to express
What we constantly repress.
Is that so wrong?
To want to be right for once?
To want to be ‘us’?
So maybe we are here for a purpose.
But- then again- maybe we’re
Just here.
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 2
It's A Hobby of Mine
I’m too sick to understand
What I didn’t plan.
A fever I can’t hide
The pain will just abide.
You know this is the truth.
I was never over you.
Tell me all the things I want to hear.
You were never, never here.
If I keep lying to myself
Maybe I’ll believe in someone else.
Something better than the heart.
I really like to split my soul apart.
I’m too hurt to really know
What you didn’t show.
An insect I can’t kill
This pain is just another drill.
You know this is the truth.
I was never over you.
Tell me all the things want to hear.
You were never really here.
If I keep lying to myself
Maybe I’ll believe in someone else.
Something better than the heart.
I really like to split my soul apart.
You know that I’ve been wasting my life over you-
Getting over you.
And if you said what you wanted me to be-
I’d still say it’s more than a definite possibility.
If I keep lying to myself
Maybe I’ll believe in someone else.
Something better
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 3
To Understand
Hey. It’s been awhile. I’ve thought of a few things to say to you. I forgot them on the way here.
- Yeah. I’ve missed you too. How have you been?
Alive. I bought a new house. You?
- I’ve bought a new life. You’re still in the boxes.
When are you going to unpack me?
- When I’m ready.
Do you want me to come over and help you? I’m a pretty heavy box.
- No. I think I’m strong enough now.
And you weren’t before?
- You weren’t in the boxes yet.
- Yeah. And what about my boxes?
I never really finished packing.
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 5
It's not forced- it just is
She is pretty but she is lost.
Love will not find her today.
Don't know how much a heart will cost.
She's been gone since yesterday.
Everything her heart has every found-
Only wants to tear its self away.
She fell once and landed hard on the ground-
And since then she's always found a way.
Don't give in- don't give up. You can't ever
Love that much again.
Don't you fall- just hit the wall. Catch you breath
And just you count to ten.
     Don't give in-
She is smart but so confused.
Somebody's trying to love her that way.
Knows just how it feels to be used.
She wishes it was yesterday.
Something her heart has just found-
Only wants to make her stay.
She fell once so hard she hit the ground-
And since then- she's known no other way.
Don't give in- don't give up. You can't ever
Love that much again.
Don't you fall- just hit the wall. Catch you breath
And keep counting to ten.
     Don't give in-
A feeling she cannot ignore-
Don't you hide
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 1 2
What We Tell Ourselves
Lend me some more time.
It's just so complicated right now.
I'm afraid to admit my weakness.
Your eyes were hard to draw-
My notebook's all filled up-
75 pages of you.
There's too much in my cup-
I wish all those pages were true.
Tell me all your stories.
Not so complicated now.
You're afraid to admit your weakness.
My eyes were so hard to draw
My notebook's all filled up-
75 pages of you.
There's not much in my cup-
Tell me all those pages were the truth.
Show me all your secrets.
It's always complicated now.
Not afraid to admit our weakness.
Our hearts were so much easier to draw-
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 1
they say it was an accident
It's okay
You can leave without me
Don't you worry about a thing
It's only temporary.
Don't cry your pretend tears
Don't tell me what you fear
Just tell me why you're here.
And why you're pretending to cry
When I really know that you don't care
If I live or die.
It's okay
You can always leave without me
Don't you ever worry about a thing
They're telling me that it's only temporary.
If I give you all I have right now
Will you leave me here alone?
Because when you are here
You remind me of home
We've been through this before
This is nothing new.
Can't anyone see?
That I'm trying so hard to stop loving you.
It's okay
You can always leave without me
Don't you worry about a thing
It's only temporary
I'm not okay
Go on and leave without me
Don't worry about a thing
I'm only here temporarily
:iconhannah-leah:hannah-leah 0 13
English Essay::10.15.06
Celebrities are not appropriate role models. Why? Well because half of the celebrities we have today got where they are by being in very obscene/ suggestive movies. If young people look-up to them, then they'll start to think that the subject of the movie the celebrity was in is okay to do. Celebrities are people with a lot of money and don't care how their actions may influence that 11-year-old girl at home watching them on T.V.
     Being a role model is hard, and it takes a lot of work. While celebrities might work hard they don't understand what kind of "work" is appropriate for a role model. While a celebrity may say that they are a good role model, their actions may suggest differently. For example, a certain actress may say that drugs are bad for you. But then two months later it comes out that she does drugs. Now how are kids going to believe that drugs are bad for you, if the person that said they were bad does them?
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Afterlight by EvilxElf Afterlight :iconevilxelf:EvilxElf 1,773 180 Hanna I by zemotion Hanna I :iconzemotion:zemotion 1,648 256 Mini: La Fee Verte by sonar-ua Mini: La Fee Verte :iconsonar-ua:sonar-ua 4,081 400 illustration :ONE: by trenchmaker illustration :ONE: :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 498 62 Amazing shot by wojtar Amazing shot :iconwojtar:wojtar 736 885
_______He walked up to her and took her soft hand in his.  She was wearing her best dress.  "Hello, Jessica," he said.  "I've got some things to tell you.  I love you.  I've loved you for some time now.  I've loved you in the good times and the bad times.  When you held my hand for the first time, I loved you.  When you sat by my bed when I was sick, I loved you.  Even when you made fun of my bad hair cut years ago, I loved you.  When we were seven, catching butterflies I loved you.  When you had cooties I loved you.  I love you smile, your eyes, your hair!  I loved the way you could make me happy in my tears.  Like when my dog, Samson, died.  You told me not to worry.  You said, "It's OK.  He's in doggy heaven now.  He's chasing cats twice the size of the one next door."  Do you remember that?
:iconsnorgledork:Snorgledork 1 7
Remus n Tonks by PastelNinja Remus n Tonks :iconpastelninja:PastelNinja 129 56
'them' part 2
She felt that he was watching but didn't dare to look into his blue eyes. She had just got to know him better and was feeling really good about their relationship. He was so different. He laughed, smiled, grinned most of the time. Right at the beginning of their getting to know each other, he had told her openly of his life like no one had done before him. Great misfortunes and disappointments seemed to control his life but despite of that,  he seemed to be the happiest and most satisfied man she had ever met. She was fascinated. The contented calmness his eyes communicated and his honest way with everything were things she had searched for for so long and she had never found. Her day could be as bad as hell but as soon as he appeared with his radiant smile, she felt much better instantly. But then, one day, she suddenly became aware of something really important ...
  "What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?" she kept asking herself. She decided to avoi
:iconsirmischa:SirMischa 1 13
Mermaid Neave sketch by sudoru Mermaid Neave sketch :iconsudoru:sudoru 209 40



hannah leah
Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: everywhere i go
Favourite genre of music: alt. rock, reggae, latin rap, big band/swing
Favourite photographer: the mom with two kids
Favourite style of art: expressionism
Operating System: any computer i can find!
Favourite cartoon character: tom&jerry, pinky and the brain, wild. e. cyote
Personal Quote: no matter how much time i save, i onlyhave now.
  • Listening to: for you i will::teddy geiger
  • Reading: buisness cards
  • Watching: the computer screen in front of me
  • Playing: but being completly serious
  • Eating: strawberry::pop tarts
  • Drinking: peach tea::crystal light
hey y'all!!!

anyways- if you haven't realized it yet- i
m going though a photography phase. i mean, i found
out that my computer at work had photoshop on it -- so i've been
messing around with that a lot.
i dk. it just gives you a thrill to change something that had
happened. sure- you can't change the event. but you can change
how people persieve it.

sorry- getting all dr.phil on you.

anyways- i shall be putting more pics up of the Bathroom:Photoshoot.
so- keep checking in!!!

again- if possible- check out my AWESOME friends!! they make me
happy- and they're totally talented(say that 5 times fast). especially- sai-sama.
sai's probably the coolest of them all. also- rorion. he's been there with me
since the beginning. and- because of that- he doesn't appear in the
friends box- BUT KEEP LOOKING FOR HIM!!! he's AWESOME as well.
and actually pretty funny...

ay=nyways- jsut rambling again. i just thought that i should let
ya know about the PHOTOgraphy thing. if you want the story of how
the Bathroom:Photoshoot came to be

anyways- must go. my boss is coming around the corner!!!



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