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Princess Mononoke

I took a break from my redesigns to finish my contribution to the Spirit of the Wind Exhibition in California, which is this weekend! I chose San from Princess Mononoke because I find her inspirational. She fights for what she believes in. She's strong and brave, but not without vulnerability, and loves nature. Plus, Princess Mononoke is just a great movie. Miyazaki has a gift for writing well rounded female protagonists, and San is my favourite. 

Limited Edition prints will be available in my Etsy store soon.
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Amazing, this is really GORGEOUS. Keep it up!!
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If someone wanted to get this as a tattoo what would your opinion be?  I'm not saying that I am looking to do it like right now but the image is striking and I was considering but would want to get the artist's ok before I even start the idea.  
Hannah-Alexander's avatar
I have no problem with it :)
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I really want this for a poster, u need to get this made as a print so I can buy it online, pleaseeeee!
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Marvelous!! Love it...!!
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*quietly collects his jaw from the floor while staring in rapt awe*
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You know the marks on her right arm reminds me of Ashitaka's curse.
Very well done piece.
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Yeeesss and I didn't even realise until after I finished it and I was like, oops. Haha! Oh well!
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A good coincidence 
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It reminds me of a Tarot card. :)
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AND THE LETTERS AT THE BOTTOM, THOSE ARE BEAUTIFUL! I love how organically they're formed, it's perfect for Mononoke and the theme of the movie! :D
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This is fantastic <3
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A fantastic piece. I really like the design of the dress you've done.
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Now I can die happily :love:
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Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! One thing that caught my eye is that her knife and spearhead are stone. I actually never knew that was what they were made of. And her jewelry is very ornate, just gorgeous! I love the whole design of this piece.
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The dagger makes it seem like a continuation to Sarah Bernardt as Medee. (:
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Ooow, so nice. do love your style. 
May I ask for a Nausicaa one to be considered. She is another strong female who fights for what she believes in, but chooses to do so with non-action. 
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i want to cosplay this
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Oh my gosh this is absolutely amazing. I'm sad that I seemed to miss the limited edition prints in your store :(
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They haven't come out yet! I'm still sourcing a good printed place :)
QuillfulThinking's avatar
Now I'm super happy I didn't miss it!
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