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Pokemon Costume Designs: Starters



Pikachu > Squirtle > Charmander > Bulbasaur

All inspired by Art Nouveau. Sooo much fun to design :3. Everyone welcome to cosplay, just please tag me in any pics for design credit! Any questions regarding construction please head over and ask the lovely people at Hannah Alexander Cosplayers/a>  I will be doing a few more Pokemon, check my  for updates!

Basic construction notes

Pikachu: Arm piece is meant to be akin to a leather pauldon with gold trimmings. Lightning is embroidered stiff fabric, very heavily beaded! It needs to glitter. There's gold triangular shards in her hair with gerbera daisies (to represent Pikachu's red cheeks!). 

Squirtle: Heavy on the worbla armour here. I would make the midpiece over the belly flatter - don't want that bulging ;) The leggings have cut out 'bubble' circles at the top. The frills on the arm and legs piece could either be layered worbla or stiff fabric. Squirtle Squad inspired glasses can be found here:…

Charmander: My intention for the draped fabric was for the top dark red fabric to be cut out at the bottom, with the ombre flames showing underneath. I've illustrated it to be draped around the front however it would make better sense for it to be positioned slightly more round the back to help with walking! The plunge corset is heavily embroidered and the pauldrons could be made from layered leather scales or worbla. The top is looped around a stiff piece of rope at around the neck. 

Bulbasaur: I would applique the heavily embroidered patches to skin coloured netting over the top of the main fabric.  The vines around the arms could either be metallic looking (like with wire or worbla) or could be appliqued to the gloves for ease. The leaves around the waist are definitely meant to be metal so worbla might be the key there. The fabric coming from the back are meant to represent the vines :) You can buy the gold leaves for the earring from ebay under the jewellery making section. 

NOTE: Some people complain about the designs being too revealing. To that I say: change it then. You don't have to stick to my designs 100%. Do whatever you're comfortable with.

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niiiiiiiiiice they remind me of the Hogwarts 4 founders