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Mulan Redesign V2 with Yaya Han


I am so happy to finally share this! A while back I heard down the grapevine that Yaya Han was planning to cosplay my original Mulan design, so I contacted her and offered to design her a costume specific to her style and skill. I was actually very starstruck when she not only responded but was totally up for collab-ing on this costume design!

As Mulan was my first ever redesign it was the simplest, so I jazzed it up with some texture, corsetry and Chinese inspired armour. Yaya is currently debuting the costume in Switzerland and I can't wait to see more of the pictures!! She is so lovely and down to earth, it was a pleasure working with her :D

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Are these available as post cards?  I think your designs are so wonderful and so full of live.  Your lines flow nicely and your use of shadows makes the light come out.  Great work
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Ironic thing is she never actually used that sword for any sort of combat in the movie proper. Last Deviant I tried to explain that too decided to block me. *Sigh*.
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Holy shit this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen! Great job!
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She looks great!
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Wow, so cool. You can definitely tell it is yaya han
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Your skill in concept design, texture, lighting, color, patterns, and poses are exceptional and make you stand out from the Alfonse Mucha-like artists out there. I do suggest you work on your fore-shortening and some anatomy study. :)
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Thanks! I studied anatomy and life drawing for years in art school but I prefer to extend the limbs because I think it looks nicer, especially when it comes to fashion design/costume concept art. Look it up! There's a big difference in fashion and realism styles :)
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I understood the difference between the two--just didn't know about your fashion background. :) Makes sense now. Still, I'd like more fluidity or gesture in your hands instead of stiffness. But that's a personal preference. Like you said, it's a style. And I know it's not the focus of your series...:)
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Oh how amazing, congratulations! This is gorgeous too, I love that it speaks even more to her warrior spirit.
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I like this; the Chinese/fantasy combo here reminds me very strongly of Jade Empire. :D
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Aww wow I totally love your Design *_* And I am sure Yaya Han made an awesome costume :D
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She looks amazing! The delicate details and textures are so wonderful...
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I give it a week before Yaya makes a cosplay.
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She's already made it! We worked together on the design :)
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Guess who didn't read the description until now.
Beautiful work! Awesome!
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