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:star:PLEASE DON'T MOAN IF YOUR FAVOURITE DISNEY PRINCESS ISN'T IN THIS PICTURE!!! I drew the princesses that I like and no, I probably wont draw any more of them, so please don't ask. Kthnx.:star:

Just wanted to play with colour! It was fffuuunnn!!! Was gonna make these into bookmarks but I don't have time to print them 'n' stuff. Hope y'all like 'em!

For those waiting, commissions are nearly done!!! :heart:
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Actually, my favorite one IS in here. :) Ariel. But regardless, you totally have every right to do just what you feel like doing! (I hate it when I see people moaning or otherwise complaining about not seeing this or that particular character in a collection that obviously was never intended to include EVERY POSSIBLE CHARACTER EVER.) *LOL* Excellent work, by the way.
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these are amazing you are really talented
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This is beautiful! I love their hair and their faces. Aurora kind of reminds me of Tohru from Fruits Basket. (:
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WOW! This is beautiful work. :-)
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I love Ariel in this! Wait no, Aurora or maybe Tiana, but then Pocahontas also looks pretty! Aww, Hell, I like them all in this XD.
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really nice job^^
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I looooooooove Pocahontas! Beautiful job!
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Hehe, I love the way you drew Ariel. She's so cute in that scene.

So, if I can't moan that you didn't do every last Disney princess out there (like some kind of Bradford Exchange artist) can I moan that you haven't done any of the villianess? =D

I kid, I kid, pleasedon'thurtme!
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I love the hair, very art nouveau
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very pretty. love the colouring
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omg this is gorgeous!
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This makes me curious as to how you'd draw Kida.
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These are all amazing! I love the colors and the expressions.

I think, of your four, Pocahontas is the best, Ariel is just fun.
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Thank you! I'm glad you think Ariel's fun as that's the kind of expression I was going for ;-)
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Love them!! there all gorgeous!!! tianas my fav princess!!
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Aurora and Ariel are my favs.!
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You will hear no complaints from me. A Disney Princess = an awesome princess. I'm a guy and I like disney, so sue me. Very nicely done on the picture, I think Aurora stands out the most of the four since she is the only one standing sideways.
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I didn't realise until i'd drawn them all that most of them are standing head on! I just stuck with my instinct though. I'm glad you liked them :-)
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