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Art Nouveau Costume Designs V


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I'm undertaking a large commission from a nice lady who wants to feature my art at her wedding, and she plans to use the costume designs as table pieces  - however, she has more tables than I have designs, so I've had to add a few more! 

Construction Notes:

Megara: Meg's design has actually become my favourite, despite its comparative simplicity. I wanted a mix of simple Greek drapery but with an armoured flare, because Meg is badass. Personally, I'd go for painted Worbla foam for the armoured pieces, then simple dyed cotton for her dress. I'm pretty sure you can pick up custom lengths of chain from any large hardware store.

Jamine: Possibly one of the hardest to design from a cultural perspective, because Disney were very elusive about specifying her exact ethnicity, so I had to entwine a few Middle Eastern themes, with emphasis on Saudi Arabian. My specific inspiration was the Saudi Arabian Princess Ameerah. The cloths are all quite sheer but heavily embroidered so nothing is seen underneath. Just generally a lot of embroidery going on here! I wanted it to be luxurious. Lots of rubies and gold. And the flowers in her hair are, predictably, jasmine. I incorporated a bit of pink/red because I actually preferred her 'Jafar' colours better in the movie - she looked so sassy in red ;)

Aurora: Now I know people are gonna complain about the colour of her dress one way or another, but I retreated to the middle ground of mixing pink and blue together anyway. I actually really like the final colour; it looks like a sunrise :3 Rather than give it the stiff structure of the original design, I've reflected it through beading and embroidery instead. There aren't any sleeves on the cloak; it's actually three strips of fabric attached to shoulder panels below the hood, to give it more of soft, draping feel. 

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