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Art Nouveau Costume Designs III


Here we are again! Esmeralda > Merida > Snow White .... Who is your favourite? I can't pick this time ><;

Thanks for all your support on this mini series by the way! :) 

Coming up! Jane, Pocahontas aaaannnd..... YOU DECIDE! Hehe. Please go to my DeviantArt profile page and vote on the poll there! Please only vote for the princesses on the list. That will be the last costume design series I'll be doing.


Construction Details

Under skirt is silk, overskirt is can be chiffon or organza, anything coloured but translucent, really. Bead trimming is gold medallions. Corset piece is boned. The off-the-shoulder ruffles aren't technically ruffles, rather they're poofed and wrapped under and sewn at a single seam. There are ruffles underneath however, and lace trimming.

A bit of a challenge as I don't envision Merida doing 'pretty'. I went for something Celtic inspired, with plenty of room for mobility, because Merida would appreciate it ;) The lower skirt panel is actually in four parts: centre, two sides and back, to allow the slits up the front parts. These are cut in light silks and (of course) ombre dyed. The 'armor' shoulder pads fit neatly over the shoulder and can be made either from embossed leather or worbla foam. Bodice is embroidered with thread (alternatively you could try flocking paint), while the belt-like additions are embroidered with beads. I envision the bodice being constructed of something similar to velvet. This is probably the dress with the most work!

Snow White
Ah, Snow White. Why must your dress be so similar in design to Ariel's human dress? Nevermind. Lots of bead and sequin embroidery on the sleeves, which are made of strong, translucent material and slit through to form the impression of her puffed sleeves. Skirt and boned bodice are embroidered with thread and small beads. Go wild with her headpiece! She loved flowers.


In other news! I'll be selling postcards of each individual princess just before Christmas. Check back on my profile in a few week's time for more details. And if you want to see how I drew Esmeralda from scratch, check my youtube channel!
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