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Art Nouveau Costume Designs II

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Round 2 of nouveau designs, in a slightly cooler colour palette this time. Cinderella > Rapunzel > Elsa

Everyone is welcome to cosplay them, I would love to see them created IRL! 

I may do another one, probably Snow White, Esmeralda and maybe Jasmine or Merida.

Construction Details (sorta)

Cinderella: Made entirely from chiffon, quite a risque design, haha. There's ruffled chiffon 'flowers' at the shoulders with pearl strands draped across the chest, shoulders and back. Belt in embroidered with pearls and diamontes. Gloves and skirt are also embroidered in the same way. Her headdress made of silver filigree, thin silver chain and bead strands. You can buy similar headdresses here:… I was going for 'sparkly' with Cinderella.

Rapunzel: Again, all chiffon, ombre dye is slightly trickier this time as it goes from purple to goldish/pink. Bodice is loosely tied together at front with loops of thick cotton and decorative buttons. The sleeves are draped from the shoulders over the breasts and fixed at the waist; beneath that are slightly more structured panels, though the material is still heavily ruffled chiffon (ruffles should be tacked in place before sewing panels together). The seams are at the shoulders, waist and sides. Embroidery is distressed gold lace studded with gold beads, to represent the golden lights. Sleeves are made from thin, opaque material, probably chiffon as well, with buttons running up the inside of the wrist for a tighter fit. Headpiece is a lavish but earthy combination of flowers. Go wild!

Elsa: The design is meant to represent frost. I forgot to add the sparkles ;_; Sleeves are bishop sleeves made from thin chiffon and embroiders with hand dyed lace, sequins, beads and diamontes. There's flesh coloured netting that cuts just below the neckline, meaning you can sew the lace etc in a way that looks like its sitting naturally against her skin. There's beading on the bodice, and the tails at the back are dip dyed, ruffled lengths of thin material that have been embroidered at the bottom with lace, and then in more definitively snowflake patterns nearer the top using beads. Headpiece is mainly flowers and designed to be asymmetric. 

Art Nouveau Costume Designs I by Hannah-Alexander


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Wow how breathtaking

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soooo beautifulllll *_*
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this is so stunninnggg
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Some lovely dress styles here. Elegant. 
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really elegant 
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
it's a good thing Elsa is seen smiling with the princesses.
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So wicked beautiful here Heart 
Cinderella doesn't need a fairy anymore. Next time she should just asking you! Amazing work (the whole serial)!
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Very Romanticism era. Nice job :clap: Beautiful color designs too
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I really like the different folds of their dresses. ^-^
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Love the details! This is awesome!!
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woah, this is really beautiful !
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I absolutely ADORE your style. Well done!~ <3
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Stunningly well done! Nouveau is one of my favorite styles- you nailed it 100%! Cant wait to see more. ;)
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beautiful doesn't give these justice.
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So much great art everywhere, so much, so little time. Always discovering new.
Decembra1998's avatar
There just so beautiful, especially Rapunzel's, I love that one.
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i'm going to sew this Elsa for Lucca Comics 2016 with other girls. We have just created a cosplay group for this nouveau disney princesses *^*
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Awesome! You should join the facebook Group Hannah Alexander Cosplayers - it's a really nice community and they can offer you lots of advice :)…
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