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This was a spontaneous concept, but I ended up really enjoying it! Princess outfits re-imagined as nouveau style, designed as though intended to be made, so all feasibly possibly to construct (I think!) Mulan > Belle > Ariel

These were so much fun to do and I think they'd make a great cosplay group! If I had more time (and money) and I would totally make them.

Cinderella, Elsa and Rapunzel is next, if I have time before I go back to work!

For those interested, here is intended construction details (you've gotta be good at ombre dyeing if you want to attempt these haha!):

Mulan: Made from light cottons dyed in gradients. Cuffs, belt and shoulder pads inspired by Chinese armour designs, made from embossed leather and embroidered. Tokens on belt are metal coins. Beads are jade. I wanted to create a soft, feminine look while still retaining traces of the warrior beneath it all!

Belle: Edging more into art deco, but still nouveau-esque imo. Top of dress would be either cotton or stiff silk, tail of dress is layers of chiffon. Again, all dyed in gradients. Bottom panels are sewn on top of an a-line skirt and fixed with embroidery. Bodice and upper skirt are paneled and embroidered - center piece is a sewn on belt, embroidered with dusky, earthy beads, though the very middle design is made of mirrored beads, to represent Beast's shattered mirror.

Ariel: Thanks to everyone on Facebook and Tumblr for voting on colours! I still would have loved the pink but the teal was quite popular :) The whole dress is a mix of her mermaid and human forms. Sleeves are fixed to bodice, puffed and slit to reveal cream lining. Tail of dress is layers of chiffon blended into the upper skirt by embroidery consisting of pearls, gold beads and lace. Bodice is boned with pearl trimming and embroidered same as the skirt, with the addition of sea-inspired adornments. The 'seashell bra' is pleated, stiffened fabric.

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