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Adventure Time Redesigns I

Finn The Human > Jake The Dog > Lady Ranicorn

I wanted to release the entire set altogether but I won't be completing the rest for a while! Upcoming: Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and The Lich King. Any other characters will be QuickDesigns only. 

Finn: I wanted Finn to be wearing badass armour that was reminiscent of both Western style knights and Nordic design. I meant to have the Enchiridion strapped to his belt but I forgot *_* The little broach is a peppermint candy :) I recommend construction out of EVA or WORBLA.

Jake: Inspired by Eastern armour. Lots of faux fur! The mask is inspired by a Japanese lion mask. The main bulk of the armour is stitched leather, like a boiled cuirass.  

Lady Ranicorn: My gosh, I wanted to get all the colours of the raindbow in but I wanted to make it subtle blend of colour. I'm happy with the ombre because it looks like a sunrise ^^ The beading is meant to be like raindrops. Dyed chiffon silk would be amazing for the dress, but that is super expensive, so a sheer voile will do too. I know a lot of people will say that she's Korean, but please remember that the creators made her design blonde with pink skin, so if you have any complaints forward it to them ^^ Her hair is kinda meant to be a faux hawk braid like:…   I recommend buying a unicorn circlet from Firefly Path… :iconlillyxandra:

If you want to cosplay then you are more than welcome to! Please forward any questions you have regarding construction to the lovely people over at Hannah Alexander Cosplayers:… 
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You have a great sense of proportion, line, shading, and color. Well done.
lovelyjuliexo's avatar
OOOOOH MY GOD onion head 'shock' AMAZING OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
GniewoszPlamisty's avatar
why the fck is jake human?
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Amazing work expanding such simple designs, wow!
ImALoneRedRover's avatar
I love Lady Rainicorns' dress! You did a brilliant job on this piece
+1 water for you~
eternalkikyofan's avatar
I knew that the unicorn circlet was just like FireflyPath's designs the second I saw it! Love the pictures! :)
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Hour of Epicness!

Love this so much!
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Wow, this is fantastic!!
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Sick Finn and especially Jake!

Rainicorn, I'd chiffon her silk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Finn's design looks amazing!  It reminds me of Link from Legend of Zelda.
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Keep doing stuff like this! Oh so amazing and brilliant at the same time~
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Awww! Lady is best! *^* <3
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Thank you so much for linking my circlets!! I love her design <3 Her gown looks like the beginning of the evening twilight hour with the stars sparkling towards the bottom hem of her gown. So beautiful!! 
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Thanks, I was going to a sky kinda look. I could only envision your circlets when designing this!
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These are amazingly gorgeous! Ranicorn made my jaw drop with those wonderful colors! :wow: I can't wait to see the rest! :eager:
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These are awesome! :D
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That looks so awesome! Wow!
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Judy - Icon

Great characters!!!
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