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Whatever you want have written in some historic styles. This includes roman, medieval, renaissance and humanistic styles as well as english script.
If you want to, you can have it on special, or tea-dyed, paper.
With or without a small illustration.
If you want to have the original, we can talk about sending it per post. If you want the original, please include the size of the paper (Din A3/4/...).
Headshot/ Portrait
A headshot portrait, no matter which style or background
Half Body
A half-body picture with or without background.
Whole Body
A whole body picture with or without background
Group - pictures
Two or more persons, no matter which perspective, background etc.
Family Tree - small
A family tree up to 10 persons.
If you want I can create the other persons with some randomness included.
Realistic or Manga style.
Family Tree - Big
A family tree with more than 10 persons.
If you want I can create some of the characters with some randomness (if you want)
Realistic or Manga style
Since this is a lot of work, 2000 P.

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HannaEsser's Profile Picture
Hanna Eßer
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm from Karlsruhe, Germany, and at the moment studying art history (BA) at the KIT.
I like to do challenges and still try to do various projects of my own. If you know of a new drawing challenge, please note me about it ;)

Also, if you like my art, please hit that watch button, and maybe you want to follow me on other social networks as well.
And if you just like to chat, I do have discord account, so, note me about it, and I'll add you ;)

You can find my comissions…
And all aviable adopts are here:…

If you want to buy me coffee, look here:

Also, here's my other social media:
facebook :…
People asked for it and I think it is a good idea too, so I made this list of Reference for my not-storybound ocs.
They are basically there for doing challenges and stuff, also a little bit of mascot, and of course, if I should receive a prize from a contest or somthing like that. Also, I might add some every now and then.

Also, there are still open requests: Requests [Open] 2018.2Hi,
I guess you waited all for this, huh? But there's a new twist to it, so read the rules carefully ;)

If you have a request, you easily write a comment under this very journal. (Not under another, not under deviations, and no sending me a note.)It should apply to the rules below. If it doesn't I'll just hide that comment. Your comment should include:
ALL details of your request (it's really annoying if you tell me half of the things when I'm already done with the lineart and have to redo everything); Any ref I'd need (keep in mind that I might not know you're favourite cartoon etc.); anything you want to see in the picture you're requesting. Just tell me everything I need to know to follow your wishes.
Please do not request a character that is not your own without the permission of the owner, doesn't count for characters from fandoms. If you want to have someones character drawn, please send me the permission o
, just wanted to mention it ...
Additional reference can be found in this folder :…

Now on with the ocs and their backstory:

Rosario de Albear
Born in 1375, she's an immortal succubus. Her parents both die before she's even 4 years old and 14th century France can be hard on a lonely child. This time sure left it's marks on her.
Being a succubus she married 6 times over the centuries, but no one knows how many affairs she had in between ;)
Her marriages were: 1. Poncet Delafosse (Rheims, France), Bottler, married in 1393, 6 children(Petronella, Binet, Richild, Adelina, Annes, Elizabez)
2. Giiles Popelin (Dijon, France), Pigkeeper, married in 1507, 1 child (Collinet)
3. Gervaisot Bassot (Marseille, France), Pilgrim, married in 1619, no children
4. Hervé Bassuet (Avignon, Venaissin (territory of the vatican in france)), Scribe, married in 1740, 2 children (Marie-Thérèse, Gael)
5. Gerardo Barrile (Genoa, Italy), Nurse, married in 1818, 1 child (Filippa)
6. Elio Ganci (Rome), Glassblower, married in 1987, 3 children (Orsola, Iole, Giorgia)
Currently she would have been a widow for 26 years, still living in Rome. She still mourns about the death of her youngest child Giorgia in 2007m who died at a heart disease. Her only still living child is Iole, living in Palermo with now 28 years and her own family.
Reference: Rosario by HannaEsser

Eva Wood
Basically she's a witch. She became immortal, nobody knows why, but thus she was made some sort of High Priestess of the witches. A great deal of her free time is spent in reading and experimenting, to find out why she became immortal.
She was born in 1721 in Glasgow, Scotland, and of course, is still alive today, with 160 cm she's 10 cm smaller than Rosario. She married 3 times and gives birth to 30 children over the time,
Her marriages:
1. Oren Burress (Glasgow), Botanist, married in 1740, 9 children (Mae, Bennie, Sybil, Max, Ira, Luella, Gwendolyn, Ruel, Roscoe)
2. Faje Hägglund (Bergen, Norway), Butcher, married in 1822, 10 children (Oskar, Nicholina, Linn, Wilmer, Maj-Gun, Ann-Louise, Leif, Fanny, Gustaf, Adam)
3. Konrad Hagmann (Hamburg, Germany), Miner, married in 1979, 11 children (Leo, Heike, Antonin, Ingolf, Florentin, Teresa, Jan, Lulu, Kristina, Wibke, Tom)
At the moment she's still married to Konrad, and lives with her youngest children, Jan, Lulu, Kristina, Wibke and Tom in Hamburg. Tom is currently 5 years old, Wibke 7, Kristina 12, Lulu 16 and Jan is 18. Their other children are moved out and living their own lives already.
Reference: Eva Wood Reference by HannaEsser

Adrian Sly
Adrian is the first not immortal character. She's born in Coventry, Britain in 1596, and died there in November 1662  from a Heart Disease. She's only 150 cm tall, she marries 2 times and gives birth to 15 children.
Her marriages:
1. Cesario Blunt, Tanner, married in 1614, 6 children: Cassio, Valeria, Arthur, Othelloo and Adriano
2. Adriano Iden, Instructor, married in 1638, 9 children: Clachas, Helena, Francis, Laurence, Margarelon, Marjery, Adrian, Solinus and Phoebe
Both of her husbands are from Coventry too.
Reference: Adrian Sly by HannaEsser

Cecilia Mays
She's a fantasy character, so there's no actual time frame for her. She's a dancing character. She marries two times, and has 6 children.
1. Jackson James, Herdsman, 5 children: Josephine, Brooklynn, John, Anika, Yamileth
2. Bryson Chang, Toll Keeper, 1 child: Amelie
Reference: Cecilia Mays Reference by HannaEsser

Alyvia Park
Alyvia is some mix of a martial arts fighter and a gracile dancing character. Her fighting and dancing style would mix a lot, and at the moment she's still single.
Reference: Alyvia Park Reference by HannaEsser

Charlie Baker
She's a mix of a courtesan and a dancer. She's married to a man called Gunner Gibson, a Steward, but has no children yet.
Reference: Charlie Baker Reference by HannaEsser

Clare Dinan
A courtesan from the belle epoque, she's more firmly settled in time than the ones before. She's born in 1873 in Belfast and died from Diabetes in 1957, Leeds.  The 152 cm tall woman is married to the Chemist Alonzo Stoker, which whom she has a son, Everette.
Reference: Clare Dinan Reference by HannaEsser

Donnie and Hannah McArty
Two Sisters from the belle epoque, both born around 1877 in Glasgow. Donnie marries a bookbinder, Austin Gray, in 1899 and has 4 children (Mack, Odessa, Arline and Bonnie) while Hannah's fate is uncertain. She joins an expedition to some unknown island and never returns to britain. More is in Donnie's description.
Reference: Donnie McArty Reference by HannaEsser Hannah McArty Reference by HannaEsser

Elsie is a sweet little dancer with not much clothing, but the tattoo is important. It becomes magic when she's dancing and thus she wears not much, so it is seen.
Reference: Elsie Reference by HannaEsser

Aubrie Guthrie
Another fantasy dancer. Aubrie is sort of a femme fatale too. Plus she's sort of a nature spirit, leaves, flowers, sort of a nymph.
Reference: Aubrie Guthrie Reference by HannaEsser

Inspired by polynesian / oceanic native people Ataahua lives on the island that Hannah McArty's expedition leads too. She's a wild, energetic, fun character who loves nature, swimming etc. Also, she has this tattoo on her face, which I like a lot. Also, her hair's georgeous.
Reference: Ataahua Reference by HannaEsser




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