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What are the problem areas in our body. We are made to believe having fat is a problem, having zits is a problem, having a broken nose or hairy legs is a problem, but why are they problems. Hairy legs don't hurt me, fat belly doesn't hurt me. They're not a problem. What is problematic in my body is my super sensitive skin that gets broken easily and I can't wear tight clother because of it... Now that's a problem, it hurts. Also my hair grows really fast and I can't see what I'm doing, that's a bit problematic. Drawing has also made my wrist hurt, that's a problem. But my fat belly doesn't hurt me, it doesn't make my working harder, it doesn't affect the kind of clothing I wear, I can just pick the right size. My hairly legs don't hurt me, they don't prevent me from moving around. So why should they be a problem. Media tells us many ways to hide your problem areas by dressing up, shaving, loosing weight, putting on make-up and so on. Why hide something that's not a problem? I'd gladly do something about my real problem areas, like my wrist. I exercise my wrist regularly and use a wrist support. That's what should be in the media. How to deal with the real problem areas of your body, not the made up ones.

My fat is not a problem, my hairy legs are not a problem, my broken nose is not a problem. And the problems that I do have, well, I've learned to live with them. And I've learned not to believe the bullshit telling me my looks are a problem.

Get to know your body, things that hurt you, they are the problem, but things that just... are. They're you, and they're beautiful.

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I thought I was the only one xD
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Not at all. Many people have said the same thing to me, so you're definitely not the only one. It's just the media that keeps telling me that you're the only one who doesn't look perfect. <3
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Yeah. Hairy legs and acne are the most irritating of them all. I mean I have MAN LEGS... it gets tiring shaving them again and again. Dx
I'm kinda alright with my belly though, I'm also trying to lose weight.

I wish media didn't make me feel so bad about myself.
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I have actually decided that my legs are my business and I never shave them anymore. And I have been walking outside with my legs visible to everyone and not even one anyone has said anything about them. I was prepared for comments like Ewwww, hairy legs! But no... I'm pretty happy about that!
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yeah i sometimes walk out with shorts but my parents hate it when i do that and they get conscious with my legs and i do too >.<;;
but yeah no one notices my legs xD
but when they do they stare kinda-ish. XD
and my family hates it so i have to shave XD
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Ugghhh... Well, it's up to you what you do. You shave if you want to and you don't shave if you don't want to. Just make sure you do what makes you feel comfortable. <3
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Yess! Never go out again! Hahahah jkjk xD
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This is a really interesting idea! I am not in a position to draw at the moment but I like this idea so much so I want to join in!

Problem areas:
- eyes get strained easily
- dry lips get sore and cracked easily
- damaged wrists from too much writing
- delicate feet get painful easily from too much standing

Not problem areas
- frizzy hair
- general chubbiness
- oddly shaped feet
- not pearly white teeth

This is my version at least! ^^
Hanna-Pirita's avatar
Yes! Thanks for joining in! Some people have also drawn their own versions and I think it's completely fine just to write your own version! Thank you for the comment too <3
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My problem areas include sore shoulders from hunkering over my wacom tablet while drawing, my brain that won't shut off and let me sleep yet insists we visit DA one more time that evening, my ears that hold water too easily for too long after a bath, and arms and legs that don't stay smooth the day after I shave them...but, I love my not-so-tiny butt 'cause it's a comfy portable seat cushion, and my body has curves which just means I eat well! Thanks for posting this, it was a nice reminder for those who doubt their bodies worth. If your happy in your skin, who cares?:iconthumbsupplz:
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Indeed. If you're happy, that's enough. And if you're not happy, you don't automatically need to change yourself, maybe you just need to accept yourself. I was unhappy with myself for a long time, but then I realized I don't have to change, I can just acceptelf and after that life has been so much easier!
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Ajatuksia herättävä kuva ^^ Kauneus ihanteet hemmettiin! Me olemme kaikki ihania naisia juuri sellaisena kuin olemme
Hanna-Pirita's avatar
Kaikki sukupuolet on hyviä sellaisenaan. Ongelma on kehossa vasta jos siitä on haittaa, kuten kipeästä ranteesta on. Ongelmien kanssa eletään, ongelmia hoidetaan, mutta joku pieni (tai isompi) määrä läskiä ei paljon ketään satuta.
Hupsu-Corgi's avatar
Niinpä. Ei ole maksaläiskät polvessani vielä karkoittanut mies ystävääni :D
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Ja ei oo keitää mun tuttujani haitannu mun selluliitti reisissä. Kyl ne musta tykkää vielki.
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