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Lepakkoluola - Women in History

So me and a bunch of my friends are making a comic anthology called Lepakkoluola. Abowe you see what it's about, but I'll write it here too in case someone's using a screenreader or something. Lepakkoluola is a comic anthology about love between women and women in history.
As many of you know, historical fiction is all about dudes. Men doing great things and women being the occasional love interests. This comic does things differently. Women are the main characters and love between women is in focus. In this comic you don't see objectified lesbians, you see real women, who are queer, feminist, strong and awesome.

Okay, so I assume you're now interested in this comic... Where can I get it, you say. Well, we're crowdfunding it starting TODAY and you can help us out by participating in the crowd funding in here:
LINK to out crowdfunding in MESENAATTI.ME

Please talk to your friends about this. This is really important to us. We want this comic to happen. (Okay, it'll happen even without your money, because I'm willing to take a loan and pay it all by myself, but if you help, I don't have to take a loan and we can publish this comic without my personal bankrupty.)

Let's make this happen TOGETHER!!!

Done with sakura micron markers, coloured in photoshop CS5, the font is made by Tubbs and is called Ames.
Art and the characters © Me
Lepakkoluola © Team Pärvelö
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