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Air Jane Page 1

By hankinstein
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As promised, an old one from "The Vault"....

This is more of a story illustrated with cartoons than a "comic" I guess (thought I still put it under "comic pages".

I did this 15 years ago, way back in 1995. Ever since I first read Jane Eyre in high school, I was fascinated with/obsessed with this story. After I'd seen a few TV renditions of it, I got this idea in my head after I started thinking about how "Eyre" sounds like "Air" and then yeah...Air Jane, Basketball Star/Governess came to be!

Remember, this is a long time ago and alas, I was still in college so I didn't have a whole lot of time to devote to my hobby of comic-ing. So yes, it is rushed in parts, the coloring isn't particularly great, but I thought it amusing enough to post it here and share with you folks here. I will be posting it at DrunkDuck as well.

My style was still developing here, but it's really quite similar to my style now. It's come a ways since 1995, but all in all I'd say this ain't bad.

One day I plan to do another actual more comic-y version of Jane Eyre, probably not Air Jane but a humorous take on the actual book. It'll be a lot longer and a follow the book more closely, but will still be done through what someone once described as "Through Amy-Colored Glasses." =p

For now, enjoy this little oldie but goodie. Air Jane has an interesting writing style, to be sure. Remember too that this wasn't really intended to share with people; it was for my own yeah, not as polished as most of my recent stuff. :D

NEXT PAGE: [link]

This comic can be read through here (I provided links for yer convenience :D ) or you can also read it at DrunkDuck [link]
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RapidEyeMovement-14's avatar
Excuse me while I fave this whole freakin' thing.
hankinstein's avatar
Oh wow, well thanks!! Glad you like it! :D
RapidEyeMovement-14's avatar
You're welcome! Your cartoony style is really refreshing, and modernized take on Jane Eyre is funny.
acla13's avatar
Everytime I watch this chapter I have the impression good auntie's spit shall reach my eye. :eyes: That scene is wildly hilarious!! :rofl:
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PAToons's avatar
This is from 15 years ago? Wow, I wouldn't have guessed. The coloring style is very different, but the same basic style that you have today is still very visible then. Never heard of this story. Great blast from the past to see these. :)
hankinstein's avatar
Yeah then I used colored pencils, I liked the markers but back then I was a poor college student and pencils are a lot cheaper (bring out the tiny violin) =p

I prefer markers, 'cause pencils take longer, smear, and kill yer hand...but they do produce some nice effects, that worked well with this.

Glad you are enjoying! I will post the rest soon as I get a chance. :D
PAToons's avatar
I just gave up on colored pencils over a year ago. Yeah, they certainly did kill my hand and they were so messy. I color digitally in Gimp now. It's all I need for that comic strip look anyway. Nothing crazy.
starkelstar's avatar
:D very cool to see earlier work , great idea & like the hoop shot :thumbsup:
NorNor24601's avatar
Jane Eyre and classical are so my favorite person ever right now. :D

Anyway. I am in constant awe of how expressive your characters are.
hankinstein's avatar
Thanks so much! :hug: :D
LadyOfTheWoo's avatar
WAH HA HA!!! Aunt Sneed!!!
hankinstein's avatar
Yeah for some reason I gave some of the characters and places alternate names. Except for Rochester, Adele and St. idea why I did that. MAD Magazine influence maybe? =p
LadyOfTheWoo's avatar
sideshowjane's avatar
Your style was great even then! You totally rocked that comic! Give yourself some well-deserved credit, Amy. You were awesome even then.
AgentC-24's avatar
Hooray, I knew it! :lmao: And I'm so amazed that your art style is still very recognizable here, that's great consistency! :D Good job on that dunk too, you crazy! :headbang:
hankinstein's avatar
Thanks! Yeah it has changed, but not a lot given it's been 15 years. It's hard to believe this is that old... :O_o:
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