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Houston we have a problem

Made for this contest: Space Art Contest: Unique PlanetsHello again from Space-Revived!
We are back with a new event! :eager:
Unique Planets is the new contest for all members of our group Space-Revived.
The special part: Unique Planets is a double theme, meaning we will have two categories!
Our solar system has only eight planets, and we think we know them pretty well (at least from far away). But our sun is just one of many in the Milky Way, and our galaxy in turn is just one in a plethora of so many uncountable worlds out there. We literally have no clue what planets could await us in those other distant galaxies.
Unique conditions can create gorgeous alien landscapes with spectacular wildlife. But instead of lush and colorful, your planet could also be harsh and uninhabitable. Or, if you want to go really crazy, consider that ordinary matter (everything we can see with our current technology) makes up just 5% of the entire universe! What if the laws of physic
 Category Landscapes

All landscapes:…………………
and my own photos

The Colors of Space
Planet made after this tutorial with my own textures:
Planet Tutorial JPG by dinyctis

All About Attitude

Sci-Fi City
Alien tree or Condos

Sci-Fi Crawler 2 png
Giant Of The Deep PNG Stock 01
Giant Of The Deep PNG Stock 02
Giant Of The Deep PNG Stock 03


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Monsters like me hehe excellent work!
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Gislaadt's avatar
FANTASTIC would be an insult, wow !!! Outstanding and much talented !!

Miilions of congrats !!
popzel127's avatar
This is some excellent work, very scary stuff hahaha.
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KytCordell's avatar
This is so freaky and surreal.
animebeast12's avatar
your imagination is brilliant. 
hankep's avatar
Thanks a lot. :hug:
Anarloth's avatar
Really awesome work! Very well done! 
Miarath's avatar
Looks awesome!
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Wow.. Really imaginative work my friend =D
chris-illustrator's avatar
Awe... Mr. Mantis just wants to give that nice astronaut a big hug :)
Very cool image.
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Thanks a lot my friend. :wave:
FlameIsDaBoss's avatar
This is so creative, I love it!
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Thank you very much. :hug:
DraakeT's avatar
i love all the composition.
Id like write you only 1 thing......The astronaut watching the giant mantis but the giant mantis no. There isn't visual contact or if you prefear interaction. and the interaction between them here is important to enhance the terror...about the mantis ready to attack the astronaut! to fix this is simple: its enough or use another head or redisign his eyes...probably the head of the mantis on background could be perfect.…

In any case excellent!
hankep's avatar
I agree with you. Now that you´ve mentioned it I can see it also.
With this interaction the pic would become much more thrilling. Worth a try.
I think I will make an update soon.
Thank you Luke :hug:
DraakeT's avatar
DEtails a big beast :devilish: many times i forgot always something too.

At this point if you do an update, pay attention also to the background: The background has a correct "distance fog" the mantis and others things near are too dark...and this is wrong because they are on the same depth of field. THe tones of the foreground instead are all ok! and wow i love dark contrasts......In this work you divided excellently the background with correct "fog distance" and background with the correct dark tones!

One of your best works....and it's very hard capture my attention. I write my complete thought if the work has a great interesting composition! And this means the progress of your art are going excellently! and this is a great thing!
 I love when people try to work like this piece....trying to go over the typical schemes and stories.
Wesley-Souza's avatar
wow very creative scene :clap: great details :love: well done :clap:
hankep's avatar
Thanks a lot Wesley. :hug:
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Best of luck to you, for the contest! :)
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Great job, the name made me smile too, best of luck for the contest! :D
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