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Taking a stroll through the city

Just talking a walk through the city can be a little troublesome with that size... specially with power lines getting in the way.

This one was fun to draw.
Paisu-chan (c) Yashiro-san
Art (c) Me

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1dave16's avatar

Love this, its brilliant, really love this art style and the details you've put into it especially with the car and buses :clap: :love:

Silenced0557's avatar

Yes giant cute and thick i love her already.

Hank88's avatar

Thank you so much! I'm curious to see what is hiding under that sweater >w>

Silenced0557's avatar

Big boobs with oversized Areolas i think? If im being honest. I hope i found a girl like her or at least a tall one.:love: :happybounce:

dodgesteve's avatar

Cute and dangerous. Dangerously cute if you will

Hank88's avatar

Dangerously cute and clumsy I would say :P

Thank you! She was an instant must-draw when I saw her ^^

jamestkelley's avatar

Aww! Innocent but clumsy giantesses are the best <3

Shockwave1111's avatar

shes her own demolition crew with those wrecking balls on her chest

Hank88's avatar

They already snapped some electric cables, hence why she is wondering what happened :P

And definitely, those are two weapons of mass destruction!

AWESOME!!!!! 🤩🤩

Hank88's avatar

It’s awesome!!! Will you make one where a ballerina dances and crushes cars while dancing? 🥺

SmolCrowBro's avatar

A bunch of really nice details here, like the birds and the reflection off the buildings 😍

Hank88's avatar

The birds were super fun and easy to add. I realized I need to add those more often. This is the first time I add them to a picture.

And the reflections was very hard to draw.

Glad you liked those details! :D

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Nice Picture Friend
Hank88's avatar

Thank you! :D

optiums's avatar
Your welcome 😊

Beautiful coloring Hank-kun! She doesn't seem to care about the little destruction she's causing. Nice job!


Hank88's avatar

Ah yeah, she is quite a new giant girl and she isn't used to all the damage she is causing :3c

HeroofLightandDark's avatar

Oh Paisu-chan. She looks beautiful. This kinda reminds me of a giantess commercial I saw back in the day. Also of course upskirt shot.

Hank88's avatar

Oh yeah, the Buddy Lee Don't Flinch commercial. What a classic.

Of course we had to have the upskirt shot :3

HeroofLightandDark's avatar

Upskirt shots are the best. Also truly is. Thank you Paisu-chan!

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