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Big Yagyuu in the city

Wearing a maid outfit

Cause, why not? :3c
Tbh, I just wanted to see her big and enmaided, so I had to draw this pic ;D

Yagyuu just grew big after wearing that maid outfit and is confused at the scale everything looks.

Anyway, I have 2 unlockable versions of this pic. Once it reaches a certain amount of faves, I will release them!

[Alternate version 1] - Swimsuit - UNLOCKED: 75 Faves
Big Yagyuu in the city - Alt. 1

[Alternate version 2] - Naked - UNLOCKED: 150 Faves
Big Yagyuu in the city - Alt. 2
Yagyuu (c) Senran Kagura
Art (c) Me
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OMG!!! The Beautiful Ascending 10x  
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Muy bonita la maid.
Amo cuando las gigantas juegan con cosas como camiones y demás.
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Es que es Yagyuu. Ella es hermosa :heart:

Ohhh, eso tb es mi debilidad. Amo cuando empiezan a jugar con sus entornos, pero especialmente con los vehículos. Ver semejantes maquinas pesadas ser tratadas casualmente como meros juguetes frágiles ^3^
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Interesting that you like Yagyuu so much. She is not a favorite for most people.
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Or normal Yagyuu and tiny city.
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That also could be o3o
Cute and confused, giantess Yagyuu visits the city, and is not always careful with what she comes into contact with, great pic and I like the maid's outfit best, with the gloves.
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Hahaha totally called this on twitter. :P
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Very cute maid outfit for her.
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Thanks a lot! :D
Maybe at like 5000 faves you could draw her as a skeleton.
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That's plain silly =P
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All three quite excellent
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Thanks a lot! :D
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:p personally i prefer the swimsuite version, but, at least now i can rest easy knowing the city will be cleaned up

:D haha, nice pic man
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Thank youuu~

And I like both versions =P
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Damnit! The totally naked version makes me want to vomit
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Why is that?
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I'm just disgusted with that
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