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Wondy All Dressed Up II

By HanieMohd
Wonder Woman inspired sundress! Hark the coming of spring :)
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So lovely! I want to read a story about this young Diana!
Kaladinn's avatar
looks like she's dressed up to go to the prom or something, looks nice.
4xEyes1987's avatar
Disney Princess edition.
AuroraCeleste's avatar
Loved this so much I had to cosplay it!  Hope you like!…
MrOneEars's avatar
AzaleaJones's avatar
I really enjoy this!
Mileylove40's avatar
Thinking of making it for prom any ideas on how??
StrawberryFactory's avatar
this art has been a favorite of mine for a while now. I am glad I finally found your artist page. This year I am wearing a cosplay inspired by your art. Eventually I want to make this one as well: [link]
Yrdin's avatar
Pretty (Wonder) Woman :D
It's so pretty!
FluffyLover1986's avatar
O_O! You know, Lindze, aka :icontheze: did this exact costume?


TheZe's avatar
I wish it was exact! this one is way cuter than mine! ;)
FluffyLover1986's avatar
How'd you find this piccy, MorrZe?
HanieMohd's avatar
EEPS! OMG that's beautiful! It turns out so amazingly cute!
zakniteh's avatar
This is so cute and perfect. I love that it has that old school charm and so very iconically WW.
HanieMohd's avatar
haha glad you saw that. I was trying to go for exactly that!
CosmicFalcon-70's avatar
Wow...this actually tickles my fancy. :thumbsup:
HanieMohd's avatar
glad your fancy's tickled :)
LordMazapan's avatar
Beautiful, she looks awesome.
JeffLCL's avatar
This seems to capture a sense of optimism and playfulness that I think is often sorely missing with WW. Great job!
Mirax-chan's avatar
She looks wonderful indeed :D :clap:
Gigabeto's avatar
hermoso diseño
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