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Shadow of the Colossus

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This game is absolutely awesome! The story, the atmosphere, the music.. just wow!
It's not easy doing it justice with fanart >_< I wanted to draw all of the colossus at first but after several attempts I came to the conclusion I just wasn't skilled enough. This is the best I could do for now. First time drawing a horse, more seriously at least, so please go easy on me. I also don't really remember what the save altars looked like but I'm pretty glad that at least I made a background for once! Haha. But darn, it takes a lot of time. I'm gonna focus on learning how to draw people before backgrounds. I hope you don't mind.
And by the way.. if you haven't played this game yet: Go get it! NOW!
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I always wondering if he was taking a nap and he just woke up when you loaded a save game at one of those things
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HeLovesPinupHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it so much. Shadow of the colossus is my favorite game of all!!! great artwork
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AshiroKei General Artist
Awesome art!
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NinaCrowlaceHobbyist Writer
I searched Shadow of the Colossus and this was the first one I that got my attention. AMAZING!
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RiiriimushHobbyist General Artist
OMG i love this image!
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This is a great piece of art! Keep drawing, I know you can do it!
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MistikfantasyHobbyist General Artist
this was not the best game i have ever played... no... it was the best thing i have ever lived
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Idem Pentaro22
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With how many of this game's fans draw and love the game for the boss battles, it really makes me happy to see someone who draws the other elements of the world, such as the shrines and the exploration of the open world.
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Pentaro22Hobbyist Artist
This work captures the beauty and the atmosphere of the game in a very beautiful way!
Fantastic job! Congratulations! :love:
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Hani7Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
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I can't describe how much I love this picture. And I love the silver tailed lizard!
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MayRocoHobbyist General Artist
I playing this game again and i always get emotional by shadow of the colossus,the music it's special epic!
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yourbrothergrexionHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd probably won't have any trouble falling asleep in such peaceful land...
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jiggywithmeHobbyist General Artist
this is just beautiful! AGROOOO!
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xXxCrystalWolfxXxStudent Artist
Aww! You did an amazing job! :)
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I love this game but Agro can be a real pain in the butt...
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Danielle634Hobbyist Artist
Kill the lizard!! lol
Beautiful job :) your hard work really shows through, especially with Wander
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Attack-On-MaouHobbyist General Artist
This scene looks sooo sad!! :crying:
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original-SPIDERProfessional General Artist
I skipped your art, but then turned back to check for lizard. ;D
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Marcos-VOMHobbyist General Artist
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