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Foresee The Future
Kagome stood beside the well, refusing to move. Jumping through time had drained her, and she wasn't sure whether she should move from this spot. She didn't want to leave Inuyasha. She … not yet.
Of course she had left the Shikon shards with him – she had given them to him the other day, to test him and see if that was all he really cared about – whether he would go off in a tangent as soon as he had the jewel. But without question he'd handed them over to Kaede for safe keeping and stayed by Kagome's side. Kagome was thankful. It meant he cared – didn't it?
Numb, she sat down on the well – a tear rolling down her cheek. She couldn't move, not yet. She had to absorb all that was present in this well house – for it was the last time she would see it. The last time she would feel Inuyasha's presence.
She clenched her fists at the thought and her heart throbbed painfully inside her chest.
She gritted her teeth, trying to forget about the hanyou she had left behind. But she knew from exper
:iconsalvatore-shan:salvatore-shan 9 8
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Inuyasha's Future Part 1
Inuyasha's Future!!
Old Friends & New Enemies!!
By:  Wonkadude50002009
Inuyasha and his friends had just cornered Naraku when he cast a spell that sent them into the future, but before they went to the future, Inuyasha gave Naraku one last blast of his windscar!!  Naraku was killed by that blast, but Inuyasha and his friends where sucked up by the time portal!  When everybody came out the the time rip.  They found themselves at a city that had been raveged by war!  They saw women, child, and men fleeing from giant, walking, robotic, demonic, war machines!  And some the bravest men in green armor with energy weapons trying to fight off these abominations! Giving they're lives for the safety of the innocent people!  They were near a building where these weird flying machines were taking off when Inuyasha said "Wait!  I know that scent!!"  They all ran with him until they saw a group of those warrior men trying to fight off a horde of undead!  Leading them was a tall man in a black unifor
:icondarknekoparadox:DarkNekoParadox 9 17
Under The Melting Sun
Kagome sat on the ground of the okiya, scrubbing a bunch of kimonos clean in a ringer and a bucket full of soapy water. Beside her, were the four closest things she had to a family in all this pain, agony and glory that stood beneath her feet.
Hearing a knock at the door, she tilted her head towards the shoji door to listen for the inevitable. Finally hearing the clicking of the heels coming down the stairs, she gazed up at the staircase leading upstairs to where they all slept. Standing on the top stair, stood a fair girl, her long silver hair sticking out of her bun, and then cascading down her back, a large lock of hair lay upon her left shoulder, as it reflected her vibrant blue kimono. She leaned against the wall as she gazed downstairs at us, somewhat glaring. Another woman stood beside her, her long black hair falling loosely over her back and shoulders.
In the silkiest of voices, she heard the woman say, "Are you going to get that, girl? Or must I dirty my hands with your work?
:iconkiki-rem-atsuna:Kiki-Rem-Atsuna 18 9
Grown Shippo + Mature Kagome
Shippo/Kagome --Almost thirty, Kagome is about to visit the magic well that rejected her after Naraku's defeat, 12 yrs ago. Her mother is selling the shrine...will it work for her one more time? Angst,WAFF,M/F,Exh
:icontaylorlynne:TaylorLynne 373 167
Trapped in the Future
"You were out with Kikyo again, weren't you?!" Kagome tossed her arms up in the air in exasperation as she found herself locked in another argument with Inu Yasha. The half-demon had his arms folded in front of him, his red clothing billowing in the wind, along with his long silver hair.
"So what if I was.." He retaliated curtly, golden eyes locked on hers.
Kagome stomped her foot loudly to the ground. "Oh, I don't know... maybe because you SAID you'd meet me for a nighttime picnic yesterday afternoon!" Inu Yasha hmphed, and looked away. Okay, so he sort of... forgot about that promise. But he wasn't about to let Kagome know that. "I don't believe you! You don't give a crap about me, do you?!" Again, Inu Yasha was silent. Tears began to sting at Kagome's eyes.
"Kagome... Inu Yasha.. calm down, guys.." Miroku, whom was eavesdropping this whole time, stepped out of the bushes and approached them. He placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder, and glared at Kagome. "How dare you upset a girl like
:iconcrimsonskyez:crimsonskyez 3 6
One Mourns the Wicked-v1 by gowa One Mourns the Wicked-v1 :icongowa:gowa 353 67 Inuyasha and Kagome by Pookinator Inuyasha and Kagome :iconpookinator:Pookinator 751 44 Inuyasha and Kagome by Nikkou Inuyasha and Kagome :iconnikkou:Nikkou 2,136 277 Sitting Inuyasha by bagsybabe Sitting Inuyasha :iconbagsybabe:bagsybabe 5,267 547 Inuyasha - You Cheaters by irishgirl982 Inuyasha - You Cheaters :iconirishgirl982:irishgirl982 2,427 370



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Hey I took a LOOONNG break from DA and so I came back wanting to Restart from all that wierd hacker stuff.
Anyway I am a Cosplayer now and mostly Focusing on that.

I would like you all to Please come see my youtube website because I talk alot more there.


Just popping in to say that~!


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