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New entry at last!!! (urgh... Han2 needs sleeeeeeppp.... Han1 needs valium.... HanHan is in Zombie state thanks to altered sleep patterns and too much partying... or something)

Both Han1 and Han2 are stressed with the incoming year at the university. Too much to do in so little time...

We've been trying to design a proper schedule, but our first try has left us with headaches, the sure notion that our career is impossible to finish in just four years and a vague sense of utter hopelessness only compared to our frustration with some of our teachers. All in all nothing really new but irritating nonetheless.

If our maths are not too far off we'd need to cover about 11 classes of 6 hours (weekly) a year to cover all the credits we'd need to pass. That's just depressing, more or less like social suicide (hello worktable, goodbye friendly outings!!). That shows how well planned is education nowadays.

Mmmm, what else... mmmm, HanHan doesn't remember... Well, it couldn't be too important if we forgot about it ^^

That's all folks!!!

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:postit: Important News!!! :postit:

:bulletred: Han2 will be editing some of her older images, her watercolours mainly (miracles of photoshop and all that), just so you know and take a second look at them.

:bulletred: We now have a print account. At the moment only three works are available for prints, mainly due to my crappy computer and size and resolution problems, but we hope that soon we'll be able to put more.

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  • Listening to: Lord of the dance: Celtic Dream
  • Reading: Good Omens (that's Zira saying bye at the end!)
  • Watching: Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead man's chest
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Theinfierno Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2006
Aquí no toca comentar esto, pero para que no se me olvide y para que la señora Han1 lo lea: ya tienes aquí para recoger (o no, a tu libre albedrio, que ya me lo quedo yo...) la banda sonora de Cabaret..S Stoy por quitarle el plástico y ponerlo y ya te lo devolveré...
Y bueno, el señor Jack Espárrago (cortesía de mi hermana) tiene un aire a Crowley. EN mi humilde opinión. Aunque el aire sea Jhonny Depp.
HanHan Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2006
Lo de humilde es debatible... y me parece a mi que sí, Johnny Depp tiene un aire a Crowley; pero el Ésparrago (como dice tu hermana) no. Diox, no me hagas imaginarme al pobre demonio con barba y rastas...
Gracias x lo dl cd, uno de estos días m paso a recogerlo^^
HanHan Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
teniendo en cuenta los parajes por los que se mueve la conversacion os daré una buena y una mala noticia:
-la buena: cuando comenzo el proyecto de llevar Good Omens a la gran pantalla el actor que iba a interpretar a Crowley iba a ser, efectivamente, Jhonny Deep.
-la mala: el proyecto se abandono, y ahora que se ha retomado Jhonny no tiene sitio en su apretada agenda para interpretar a Crowly. Sniiffff
Theinfierno Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
Ya por eso decía que tenía un aire a Jhonny. De todas formas, hagamos presión, que no creo que pueda habe mejor cóctel.
Buenos presagios me encanta (inigualable) y Johnny... (podría hablar de ello largo y tendido, pero no lo haré, no vaya a ser que alguna empiece a dudar de mi capacidad mental)... pues me... esto... he dicho que no voy a decirlo.
Hagamos presión.
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August 21, 2006