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True night

Some thoughts:
Never be satisfied with a night pictures. As you know - the photo can't catch night correctly - the light's are to bright, and the noise is in the dark parts, the colors is a wrong too... The only way to show night is painted it. But most of artist also painting night is to bright and colorful - it's usually looks nice, but when I walk at summer night I always think about real picture that I see - it's much more darker and cozy... In this picture - you'll see just black at your bright ambiance, also same you'll see if walk out from the lighted room to the night. I recommend to download it and open on full screen. 

Some difficulty with which I encountered is the lack of RGB range :) World needs more than 255 gradations :)

p.s. Painted in Paintstorm studio as always :)

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its rare, that stars and far away lights look so real, in an artwork. ..and those cigarettes - that gives a warm, quiet.. such a absolutely real emotion. i feel like i could talk to them..

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cigarettes gives more realism, like the full truth of situation.. and also night disgust a little kid's sins (like smoking) I mean that probably he smoking only at night.

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they are out there, at night, i guess they are old enough for some sin ^^ should make a movie, on trust and friendship.

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:wow: omg wow sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful 
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This is really cool! Great job! 
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This is amazing! It really gives me that feeling of straining to see more in the dark. The glowing cigarettes is a nice touch to add to that dark atmosphere. I really want to see what this scene looks like in the daytime now haha.
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Thank you very much... at the day time it could see just like this… :) Joke
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Hahahha that's depressing...
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a painting of night indeed :love:
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Ye man, you are cool!
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Aww this is simply beautiful! I love it so much ^^
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this is so cool!!! you did an amazing job capturing mood n stuff!!
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Wow, this painting inspired me to also do a night scene! Nice job bro
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I think as an artist - you've gone somewhere few artists would dare go to - to spend much effort on details most cannot see.
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That's why I always share full size download link - some of the details is lost at the DA preview  :)
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This is truly amazing and calming to look at, I love the idea that you painted it with the dark colors to make it more realistic. You really captured the beauty of the night! 
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VERY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Woooooooooooooow 
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