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My 1st attempt to draw city landscape
I created special buildings set of forms inside "Paintstorm Studio" brush and setup some random for scatter. Buildings with windows and light border - is the double brush. Also I've used clone tool for some peaces.
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bro i just used this amazing creation by you in my youtube video as a background.
i have also given credit to you in video and as well as in description.
link to my video is
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This looks amazing.
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I Love Your Painting Very Much So I Use Your Painting For My Music Lyrics Video Background. Link To Your Painting Has Written By Me In My Video Description. My Video Link Is… . Maybe You Can Visit My Channel. Thank You Very Much.
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Love the sky. It gives a real sense of space.
This is amazing! I'd like to buy the print in a frame, but is the image going to fit the frame without white spaces? The preview seems to show white spaces above and below the image.
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The image proportions is 16:9 but print proportions is different - and there are the two ways - crop image or crop canvas :(
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Looks fantastic, especially for a first attempt! Amazing work +v+
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:happybounce: Clap DeviantArt :) (Smile) Nod :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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How in gods name did you do this... i can't even... begin to think?!! //malfunctions
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City is drawn by brush with form collection (I've drawn and capture several forms with simple building silhouette and add it to the brush "set of forms" cllection - in Paintstorm Studio you can combine several shapes to a one brush) And then connect brush size to perspective... Windows - is the second brush. You can download this brush pack at the…
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Великолепно!! Просто нет слов!
Эту, наверное, тоже как-нибудь на обложку поставлю. Просто бесподобно!
Хотелось бы даже жить в этом городе...
А знаешь, чем-то напоминает Москву!
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Я начале подумывал Москву изобразить, но потом понял, что по памяти не визуализирую все эти "высотки", а с референсов срисовывать не люблю - фотка сразу бить начинает. 
What an amazing painting! I am really curious which city the painting is based on?
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Thank you.
I don't know :) It's a random city
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Wow! it's very amazing *0* Can you show how to set up your buildings set of forms? I'm really interested
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Thx so much!! :D
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This is just too beautiful reminds me of the universe
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Hey, I'd love to buy a print of this, will it come with the Paintstorm watermark in the corner though?
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...well, I've setup print, and reload image without watermarks
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all of your is incredible and stunning. Everytime you show a new painting, I love it!
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This looks really incredible, especially for your first attempt. 
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