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#hangintherebaby loves TV

hangintherebaby is a group dedicated to TV shows. We watch TV, talk about TV, and then watch more TV.

If you love TV too, you've come to the right place. :heart:

Recent Journal Entries

Hello Ugly Betty fans!

Oh wow, this is the series finale everyone. I don't even know how I should begin to react right now, I'm about to start watching.

:bulletblue: Episodes: 4.20 - Hello Goodbye
:bulletblue: Original airdate: April 14th, 2010

:bulletblue: Summary:
Betty has a hard time telling Daniel important news about her future.

:star: Questions/Ideas/Quotes/Thoughts for you!

:bulletgreen: OH RIGHT THE GUNSHOT.
:bulletgreen: A FUNERAL?! Please tell me Wili is not- OH.
:bulletgreen: Goodbye Amanda's Dog :( :faint:
:bulletgreen: Wili is unconscious? Oh snap :(
:bulletred: "We're gonna spice you up so much you're gonna forget you're white!"
:bulletred: "We need to toughen up your stomach before you go! wanna stay!"
:bulletgreen: Aw Hilda and Bobby moving out to a house! :)
:bulletgreen: Marc talking to unconscious Wili :lol:
:bulletgreen: CONNOR? IS IT CONNOR'S HAND?! YES IT IS! :w00t:
:bulletgreen: Oh Marc sending that message :lol:
:bulletgreen: Aww Wili x Connor :aww:
:bulletgreen: THE DOG :rofl:
:bulletgreen: Aww Amanda missing Betty :tears:
:bulletgreen: Daniel :| fail
:bulletgreen: Aww Marc Wili scene :tears:
:bulletred: "You'll never be happy, theres always something more!" :(
:bulletred: "I tot I taw a tweetie bird!" :giggle:
:bulletred: AHAHA Marc, "So what's up." :XD:
:bulletred: "You need to give her a reason to stay." :paranoid:
:bulletgreen: Poor Papi :(
:bulletgreen: Wili takes the blame... aww... :( I'm not sure what to think of this, I like evil Wili, but I also like good Wili...
:bulletred: "I get to visit my cool aunt in London." D'awww
:bulletgreen: The Daniel signing paper scene... got a little teary... just a little....
:bulletgreen: Oh my god Amanda blowing her dog's ash :lol:
:bulletgreen: Claire has a creepy smile when it comes to her theories... :giggle:
:bulletgreen: Aww Justin giving advice to Marc :lol:
:bulletgreen: Oooh Troy and Marc... :aww:
:bulletred: "This big orange donut will always be mine!"
:bulletred: "You've got big balls, Betty Suarez." :lol:
:bulletgreen: Aww Amanda and her father :giggle:
:bulletgreen: Aww Amanda and Betty and Marc dancing :)
:bulletgreen: What is Daniel thinking... Oh.. D: Yay for Wili? :D
:bulletgreen: Woahhh so much is happening... :faint:
:bulletgreen: I am foreshadowing something...
:bulletred: "But Betty already left?" :lol:
:bulletgreen: Aww yay Connor is going to come out of jail :lol:
:bulletgreen: New glasses! :D
:bulletgreen: Bye NY Betty :( (Song Playing: All The World by Correatown -…)
:bulletgreen: Hello London Betty! :w00t: Wow, she looks so professional! :D
:bulletgreen: DANIEL? UGHH. :faint:
:bulletgreen: Uhhh noo please nooo I don't want a Daniel x Betty :/ Please stay friends :/
:bulletgreen: But the assistant thing was cute haha
:bulletgreen: THE END.

Finale Summary of Thoughts
This was a pretty good ending to the entire show. Everyone accomplished something, moved on with their lives. Betty with her job, Justin & Marc with their romances, Hilda with a husband/house, Amanda with her father/stylist job, Wili with her goal reached, by doing the good thing for once, as well as getting Marc into a higher position :) And then there's Daniel who finally realized oh hey, maybe I should start my own life rather than take what was given to me. :XD: I don't want Betty and Daniel as a couple though, I hope they stay just friends. The ending didn't give too much of that idea, but there was a hint, which I find annoying. Oh well.

This has been such an amazing series, sad to see it go. :(

:star: Fan art and such!

Ugly Betty caricature by potterfan80 Bye-bye Betty by StormyMemories :thumb160330866:

Seems for the mean time I won't have any shows to update now, but if I find a show that doesn't have a blogger, I'll start on that! Any show recommendations?

- Solitude12
'guess whos back, back again, red johns back, tell a friend' (sorry, had to be done... XD)

this weeks ep starts with lisbon and the gang going to a cemetery where a man is dead, naked and has some flowers covering up his modesty... (well actually the ep starts with rigsby and van pelt in bed together, but that isnt important).
when the team get back to HQ they find that bosco and his team have been shot, boscos still alive but his team are dead, with one member missing. jane thinks there's a connection between this and the nekkid man in the cemetery (and jane is usually right). as the show goes on we find out that the nakedness is a doctor, this seems to mean something to jane, who rushes off to his (the doctors) office he finds boscos missing team member, dead, and red johns signature smiley. once outside, jane tells lisbon that this doctor had been the doctor for two of red johns victims.
it seems that red john had left some loose ends, and that is why he killed the doc, and boscos team who might have found something out.
jane goes to visit bosco, whos in a medically induced coma, and tries to wake him up by unplugging a machine and meddling with some morphine, lisbon catches him though and then a doctor comes in to plug in the machine.
the team soon find out bosco had been talking to a cop in cloverville, where a dead body had been found when a strip mall had been torn down. the dead body turns out to tbe the husband of one of red johns victims. jane is sure this was red johns mistake. when cho and jane go to get the body from cloverville, they find out that the body has already been taken and that security footage had been tampered with so noone could find out who took the body. they do get a description of the woman who took the body, and it sounds alot like boscos secretary, rebeccah (she had said shed been getting coffee when the shooting happened).
the show then goes into flashback, showing rebeccah killing boscos team, and shooting him while saying 'red john says hi'.
we then go to boscos hospital room (in the present) with rebeccah trying to kill bosco again, but van pelt and lisbon are able to stop her.
back at HQ jane interviews rebeccah, while everyone else watches. rebeccah tells jane that she killed boscos team because red john wanted jane to have the case back, and that he misses jane. that is were jane ends the interview and rebeccah is taken away in handcuffs. not long after jane runs after rebeccah, just as she falls to the ground, because she has been poisened.
now, back to the hospital and the doctors dont think bosco will make it (which im not too happy about, he was just starting to grow on me). bosco tells jane that when he catches red john dont turn him in, kill him, to which jane replies 'thats the plan'.

Red John Strikes Again by forgotten-light Patrick Jane by ArtistEderic What do you mean--- by Angel-with-a-Flower
Hello Ugly Betty fans!
Second to last episode! D: Here's my summary-thing for this episode. I am really sad about this show ending :(

:bulletblue: Episodes: 4.19 - The Past Presents the Future
:bulletblue: Original airdate: April 7th, 2010

:bulletblue: Summary:
Betty asks Daniel to go to Hilda's wedding with her; Amanda wants to fix Marc up with her new client; Betty considers unexpected offers; Wilhemina uses Tyler as a pawn to fight the Meade empire.

:star: Questions/Ideas/Quotes for you!

:bulletred: "Why does Amanda have a picture of me sleeping?" :giggle:
:bulletgreen: Amanda leaving :(
:bulletred: "You have a boyfriend, yay for you. I don't." Aw Marc needs someone soon D:
:bulletred: "Some of our family can't come." "Oh they got deported?" Amanda :lol:
:bulletgreen: Drunk Betty = spontaneous :B
:bulletgreen: Tyler is getting cranky... What a cranky drunk :B
:bulletred: "Shrill American enthusiasm."
:bulletgreen: Henry and Betty - :aww:
:bulletgreen: Bobby sucks at secrets :lol:
:bulletred: "He's got my baby hooked on drugs?!"
:bulletgreen: Wow, worst breakfast date ever :paranoid:
:bulletgreen: Oh Hilda's so excited about Justin's boyfriend :lol:
:bulletgreen: A COMING OUT PARTY?! OMG. :faint:
:bulletgreen: Ahaha Claire and Wili. :giggle: (Fight #1)
:bulletgreen: Eek Daniel and Betty. :/ (Milder Fight #2)
:bulletgreen: :giggle: Wili's hair.
:bulletgreen: A gun D:
:bulletred: "You know my face isn't actually perfect, but it looks good on me."
:bulletgreen: Wedding Day!! :D
:bulletgreen: irregardless is a word D: Isn't it? :paranoid:
:bulletgreen: Aww Bobby and Hilda are married :) :w00t:
:bulletgreen: Oh Papi is such a... Papi :lol: :B
:bulletgreen: Oh snap Daniel so stared at Betty after the love talk :paranoid:
:bulletgreen: The gun's gone D:
:bulletgreen: Betty's dress is really pretty :)
:bulletgreen: Aww brother sister moment *tear*
:bulletgreen: Austin and Justin should seriously just dance :B- oh oh they did! :)
:bulletred: "Don't cry, it makes you look like a girl." XD
:bulletgreen: This episode really makes you sad that the show is going to end :(
:bulletgreen: :omg: Amanda's father. NO WONDER...
:bulletgreen: Betty accepts the job offer! woah :D
:bulletgreen: Oh oh Tyler D: Oh snap D: Oh SNAP D:
:bulletgreen: OH. SNAP. I think it was a miss. I'm sure of it. D: :faint:

:star: Fan art and such!

UGLY BETTY by Ruthhhh Getty Banner - Special Place by MrsAlanaDavis


- Solitude12
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:star: The following list contains all shows that hangintherebaby currently blogs about.

Any show that is not listed, is open for the taking. If you're interested in becoming a blogger, simple click the 'Contact Us' button up top and let us know what show you're interested in writing about.

:bulletgreen: 30 Rock: ohheartbreak
:bulletgreen: 90210: daniejoy
:bulletpink: Accidentally on Purpose: Cyantre
:bulletpink: Being Erica Cyantre
:bulletpink: The Big Bang Theory: Cyantre
:bulletpink: Bones: codenamepanther
:bulletpink: Caprica: monochromatic-stains
:bulletpink: Castle: Silverayn
:bulletpink: Community: mychemicaldeviant
:bulletgreen: Criminal Minds: justshort
:bulletpink: CSI: New York gabriel199252
:bulletgreen: Desperate Housewives: LivRavencroft
:bulletpink: Dollhouse Cyantre
:bulletpink: Doctor Who: ShatteredSwords
:bulletgreen: Eastwick: MeganTheartist
:bulletpink: Family Guy: kh2kid
:bulletpink: FlashForward: RavensQuill
:bulletpink: Fringe: Heidi
:bulletpink: Glee: margotdent
:bulletgreen: Gossip Girl: Neobakeneko
:bulletpink: Heroes: monochromatic-stains
:bulletpink: How I Met Your Mother: Cyantre
:bulletgreen: House: Ayame-Kenoshi
:bulletpink: Legend of the Seeker: Heidi
:bulletpink: Leverage: gatogirl12345
:bulletpink: Lost: monochromatic-stains
:bulletpink: Merlin xRUBIx
:bulletpink: Monk: Monteil4
:bulletpink: MythBusters: endosage
:bulletgreen: NCIS: MissBeastie
:bulletpink: The Office: minifeminist
:bulletpink: The Sarah Jane Adventures Cyantre
:bulletgreen: The Simpsons: clerval
:bulletpink: Supernatural: kitcatbar43
:bulletgreen: Sons of Anarchy: Thankless
:bulletgreen: South Park: burgundyribbon
:bulletgreen: Stargate Universe: spirit-of-the-fire
:bulletgreen: Torchwood: sefina
:bulletgreen: True Blood: Ajandra
:bulletpink: Two and a Half Men: Cyantre
:bulletgreen: Ugly Betty: Solitude12
:bulletpink: V: monochromatic-stains
:bulletpink: The Vampire Diaries: Asher-Bee
:bulletpink: Warehouse 13: kornfan16099


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And what is with that lady?
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