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EXO - Prince AU by AMSBT EXO - Prince AU :iconamsbt:AMSBT 907 46
Crazed Love (Stein X Reader)
When you agreed to be Steins partner, you had no idea he was insane. You two had been together as partners for almost a year and you still weren't used to the whole dissecting thing. It was a little after 2 in the morning. It was Saturday which meant you and Stein didn't have to go to work. Stein was sitting in his chair reading while you were drinking coffee.
   "Y/N you should really go to sleep. Don't force yourself to stay up with me." Stein said while looking up from his book.
       "Oh I'm fine! Thanks for worrying about me though." You told him while smiling.
Stein looked at you for a moment longer before returning to his book. You sighed to yourself while trying to get your heart to slow down. During the time you two have been together, you developed feelings for Stein.
   "Oh by the way, today is the anniversary of our partnership." Stein said without looking up
Wow I'm surprised he remembered. You thought to yourself.
       "Yeah, it has been a complete year now hasn't it?"
:iconcimberla:cimberla 191 46
ItalyxReaderxRomano Birthday Memories
"OWW! What the hell was that for, ragazza?!" your Italian friend, Lovino Vargas, yelled. You giggled at the reaction from you pinching his arm.
"One, your not wearing green, and two, happy birthday!" you said happily.
You had decided to come over and wish your two best friends happy birthday, as well as have some fun with the more irascible one, who was currently rolling his eyes at your childlike antic.
"This is what I get for having my birthday on fucking St. Patrick's Day... but what about mio fratello?!"
"Oh, I think he was prepared," you replied, gesturing towards said brother, Feliciano.
Sure enough, he had a casual green shirt to prove it. The rest of him was decked out in the other flag colors of his home country's flag, red and white. Feliciano headed over towards the two of you, smiling his carefree smile.
"Ciao, (f/n)!" he chirped as he pulled you in for a hug. You hugged him back.
"Happy birthday, Feli!" you cheered. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Lovino gettin
:iconpumagrrl301:PumaGrrl301 150 33
PrussiaXReader-I want to make babies
Enjoy~ ^^
"Hey, (Name)!" Gilbert, your boyfriend called to you from the bedroom.
"Yeah?" you called back, walking up the stairs to the room you two shared.
As you got there, you saw no sign of the Prussian man.
"Gilbert?" you asked. You felt strong bare arms wrap around you.
"Hmm?" he hummed, shutting his eyes and swaying with you slightly.
"What did you need me for?" you asked, leaning into his chest.
"I wanted to state something."
"And what would that be?" you asked.
"I want to make babies." he stated firmly with a hint of cockiness behind it.
"You perv," you panted heavily.  He chuckled and pulled your bare body to his bare chest, smirking all the while.
:iconsexyanimelover:sexyanimelover 139 23
My Kid Cosplays ::Stamp:: by orange-ninja-punk My Kid Cosplays ::Stamp:: :iconorange-ninja-punk:orange-ninja-punk 113 57 Stamp - Deadman Wonderland by Suxinn Stamp - Deadman Wonderland :iconsuxinn:Suxinn 563 15
The Grand Highblood x Human!Reader (Part 3)
How long had it been? How long were you chained to this cell? You couldn't recall. You couldn't move, you couldn't speak. You couldn't register conversation. Karkat called out for you, several times, before he felt defeated and gave up. He hung his head, assuring himself that you would be okay. You weren't dead. You couldn't be.
Then, suddenly, the squeaking of metal indicated your cell door opening. You remained in your position, your head hanging in illness and delirium. There had been too much blood, you had lost far too much of your life force. You didn't even know the that the blue-blooded male unchained you and picked your limp body up off of the ground. He threw you over his shoulder and began making his way out of the prisons.
"Where in the fuck do you think you're taking her!?" Karkat shouted as he struggled against his chains, his face contorted in a mask of rage. He tore his own wrists, his own candy red blood dribbling from the newly created wounds.
"Shut the fuck up, scum.
:iconburningsilhouette:BurningSilhouette 282 111
[Mikuo Hatsune Simdate] What I've been looking for by 0xWhaii [Mikuo Hatsune Simdate] What I've been looking for :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 726 517
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Kiba
         You walked up to the bucket Jiraiya was holding and placed your hand inside. You twirled your hand around to shuffle things up a bit, then grabbed hold of the closest thing you felt. It was a collar. It looked like it belonged to a dog, or another large animal. "This belong to you Kiba?" You held up the collar for him to see.
He leapt from the couch and snatched the collar from your hand. "Nope, belongs to Akamaru, but I put it in the bucket, so I get to go in the closet with you. I don't think he'll mind though, he's not really interested in humans." He smiled wide.
"I'm very sure everyone's glad you aren't sending a dog into the closet. Especially one as big as yours." Jiraiya patted Kiba on the back. "Now, let's get you two love birds started shall we?" Laughing loudly he led you two to the closet. "Okay, now only seven minutes, don't you two get too daring or anything. When I come back I still want everything in one piece." He shook a finger at you two warningly, then shut
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 622 138
Akatsuki x reader chapter 3
Akatsuki x reader 3
You walked back over to Kakuzu who was in his room and you knocked on his door.
"hey Kakuzu i got what you wanted…"
the door opened to show Kakuzu standing there and you handed him the clay bird.
"there you go, just like you asked" you said with a smile as he took the clay bird.
"thank (your name), now i think Konan was looking for you"
"yeah you better go find her"
"okay see you later Kakuzu"
"see you later (your name)"
you walked over to Konan's room, you and Konan where best friends and you told each other everything, like she had once told you that she was trained by as you called him the old pervert, and you told her that you had not always had the little cat/dog ears.
you walked over to her room and knocked on her door
"hey Konan you in there?"
"yeah come in"
you opened the door and walked in closing the door behind you.
"hey Konan, whats up?"
"oh nothing really, come sit with me, time for a little girl talk"
"okay then"
you sat down n
:iconkillerer2708:Killerer2708 292 217
Vampire!Itachi x Reader
Vampire!Itachi x Reader
I ran home at night after a mission. I had escorted some people to another village and it had taken all day and now I finally could just go home to my nice, comfy bed. Just some more miles and I would be back home. Suddenly I thought I saw a shadow move not far away from me in the woods. I stopped and pulled out a kunai, ready to fight.
”Who's there?!” I called out, but didn't get any response.
Soon I gave up and assumed that it probably was just some animal. I continued to walk home, but I was still on my guard. The moon was full and it shone on the path I was walking on, a pretty beautiful night, actually. There was only one thing that bothered me. It felt like I was being watched by someone or...something. I didn't noticed it before, but everything was too quiet, like the whole forest held it's breath. I looked around, but of course I saw nothing. It was getting very annoying now, so I turned around.
”Ok, you can come out now!” I shout
:iconpumkinkiller777:Pumkinkiller777 287 103
Mature content
Promise. [mituna/reader] :iconrenren13:RenRen13 47 15




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