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Happy Holidays!! :)
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Fooled me with the realism, wow! A true cutie beauty. Thanks for sharing! *smiles*
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Wow, that's so realistic you actually got me fooled for a few moments.
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This is what I call beauty! I need a lot of time to match this quality.
haneto, I'm afraid you've done it now.  You've exposed your methods here.  This model you've been using all this time, drawing us into such praise and total admiration for your work. ....only to find out this is no graphic character figure, no Genesis morph of any kind.  This girl is REAL!!.  You've just been swapping her out with wigs and costumes all this time, taking your photos, then dragging them into PhotoShop to touch them up ever so slightly as to make it look like computer graphics.  You'll fool us no more...caught ya!!
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Dang...she's actually pretty cute. I like this. I like this a lot! :3
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damn she's cute Heart Heart Heart 
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Very impressive render :-)
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Excellent render
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Haneto...she is an absolute perfection

thanking you for show me this world...
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Its "selfie"

I know its a dumbass slang word but atleast type it correct. -_-
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I love realistic drawing and it's exactly what you've made.
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So pretty and demure.
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Its a game no? Cuz i saw this pic in an adult game reclam :|
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She looks amazing! A very attractive model!
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