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Working on making the physical model of the Akyazi ship. I ordered the ship last week and am still anxiously awaiting its arrival.
Thank you to all who have browsed and marked my gallery art. It's been a pleasure makes this stuff but it's far more appreciated when I get comments, likes and favorited. I purged some of the early work tonight. It was exciting when I first learned h ...
The Control Console and the Delivery Device are now available for purchase in my store on CGTrader for an introductory price of just $5 Get it now before the price goes up! https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/electronics/other/delivery-device-control- ...


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Once again I gotta whine about the lack of higher level creativity in the Gallery on Renderhub.
Damb near every submission on there is a DUD (Dress Up Doll).

REALLY folks???

That's the best your limited talent can create?
Press a button and get a naked G8F...
Press another button and get a skanty bikini outfit for your naked G8F...
Press another button and pose your skantilly clad G8F in an aggressive stand (there are literally millions available in every pose imaginable)
Press another button and get a stupid sword and finally, 
Add a copied internet back drop!


Bland art.
No admission to any higher development art university for you pal.
Learn how to create something rather than simply paste it onto a backdrop.

On the other hand...
Contact your local comic store for erotic comic publication.

Blah, blah, blah.
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I bought this setup re manufactured, refurbished for less than $220
To this I added a 32" HD Flat screen TV (with a hdUSB port adapter).

Iray renderings that took 2 to 7 hours on the old system now render in under 70 min. Most in 10 or 15.
On the old system, four V4.2's in the scene and the mouse was lagging. add a 5th and I was pulling my hair.
Now I have 6 V4.2's and 3 M4.2's in the Eng Pod scene and I haven't seen any appreciable difference between that and one V4

System Manufacturer    Hewlett-Packard
System Model HP Compaq 6200 Pro SFF PC
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU A2W44UT#ABA
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz, 3101 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
(The system came with (2) 4Gb SD-3 RAM (8GB)

Additional Memory RAM Newegg
Item Number: 9SIAB0Z49W0270
Description:SAMSUNG M378B5273Dh0-Ch9 Memory Module-M378B5273Dh0-Ch9
Quantity: 2
(I added (2) more 4Gb SD-3 chips) Total now 16Gb

Adapter Type    Quadro K600, NVIDIA compatible
Pay explicit attention to your mounting bracket length! 
You need the short bracket.
Adapter Description NVIDIA Quadro K600
Adapter RAM 1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes)

I'm thinking lightly about looking into another gig or two in the Quadro.
Not sure if I have to buy the new card or merely swap out the RAM on it.
Not in any hurry at the moment though.
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I just looked at the latest add from Daz and Surprisingly, of the 10 spots only 3 have a woman in it and of the three, two are only head shots and one is a child.
At the moment, that's only 30% and perhaps more fairly, 15% since there's realistically no sex being sold here.

Typically it's 70% to 90% sex adds.

What's more is that one of the adds is a scenic shot and a rather good one at that.

I'm impressed by the change.
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The reason Hexagon sits stagnant and ignored is because it makes no money for them.

The reason all the other engineering software moves forward is because it's either seriously treated as open domain and encouraged advancement or it's an income source.

DAZ isn't interested in opening the software up to outside sources. It's been quietly bounced off the inner walls for a long time and ignored each time.
DAZ doesn't sell engineering software. They sell SEX DOLL CLOTHING.

Ergo you get once every two years, token upgrades.

If you're serious about engineering software, stay away from Hexagon.
There are other, much better systems free and at cost.
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"You got banned from the blog site for talking about Hex? 
How the heck did that happen? Maybe they didn't like your profanity (did you curse alot, because I know I do when DS acts like an ass)?"


I got black balled because I called their Hexagon (Daz by ext'n) management staff "incompetent".
No profanities, just open accusations of incompetence, ignorance and blatant disregard.
I expected that they would announce their new interest in resolving the issues, even if only quietly, to just me.
What I didn't expect was that I'd get bumped.
That was a surprise.
When I sent an email to the company complaining about that, they sent back a reply stating total deniability.

'It wasn't us. It was the site admin'.

Hmmmm. What smells here?

Who's site is it again?
Who controls that site?
Who's ultimately responsible for that site?
Who sets the rules for that site?

Once again...
All they care about is selling sex doll accessories.
Just look at the adds they send out. It screams SOLO SEX at you.
It's not art. It's not imagination. It's not creativity. Its erotica. Plain and simple.
They give you the sex dolls free to sell you the clothing, hair etc.

Hexagon makes them ZERO money!
That's why they don't care about it.
All Hexagon does for them is provide a hook to reel in other schmucks who they plague with new sex doll advertisements to entice into buying new sex doll accessories.

What's more is the merchants that sell there know that if you don't have sex aids in your inventory, you don't sell on DAZ.
Daz knows it and they know it's wrong but it makes them money so they protect it. Worse than that though, is that their merchants know it too and capitalize on it as well.

There. I said it.
Now watch for further developments in regards to their cancellation of my Member acct.

Odd don't you think, that the company hasn't made any retorts or even raised a defense for my accusations?
I slammed the idiot admin (ChoBlo) for doing it and not even that brown nosed idiot has raised any defense.
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"Explore Our 3D Talent"
Render Hub

That's the header I received in todays email from Render Hub

At the risk of being expelled from this site too I have to comment...

What a load of CRAP!

Certainly not there.
What blows my mind here is all these so called talent that post 15 minute composition (it takes longer to render than cut and paste) war renderings staring scantily clad, scantily muscled, HIGH HEELED and yet, heavily armed women barely out of their teens in poses of victory where in any realistic situation (even for the imagination) they would have been chopped up, stabbed, hacked and beaten within the first 15 minutes of any battle.
No. That was incredibly generous.
Maybe 10 minutes but most likely 5.

Are you people really sooo shallow, so unimaginative, so sexually despondent that that's all you can come up with?


If I were looking for talent, the last place I'd look would be your sex dolls.
That's not talent. That's Penthouse.

Really, folks.
Get a freakin life!
Show us some imagination not stupid fantasy, sexed up, naked children.
Are you artists or frustrated Heffner grounds keepers?
You're really an embarrassment to the rest of us serious "talent".

What a load of BS.

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I reached the wall with Hexagon and have started really looking into Blender.
Turns out (as with many other short work issues) Hexagons LOOOONNNGGG running problem with the "Boolean" tool (I've complained in great length and my posts were deleted) have made the software useless to me both time and work wise.
I've hence, dove into Blender full throttle to get around this wall.

In Hexagon, if you use the boolean tool on just about any mildly complicated geometry primitives, the tool adds dozens and dozens of additional verticies to the two primitives you're merging.
To make matters worse, often it even deletes some of those additional surfaces leaving you with hours of tweaking after you chose the assumed, shortcut merge option.
Then, as if that's not bad enough, often, as is the case here, it won't even merge the two primitives leaving you instead with only the merged but not truncated version you started with or only one of the two primitives.

As I've noted in previous comments, complaining about the crappy engineering of the software falls on corporate "deaf ears" or simply results in one or more of the hard core posters, replying with ridiculous work arounds that actually defeat the purpose of the "shortcut" tool itself.

Stay away from Hexagon till they work out more of the bugs (probably 2030 the way they are going) unless you want to have to learn a new engineering program all over again.