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Hi, I´ve been absent lately, but surelly I´ll remain absent also in the near future, so I'm leaving some groups to avoid confusions. Thanks for have let me contributed in the past, if I return I´ll reapply again.

Have a nice Christmas.
Hello Everyone, do you have XNALara program?

I need your help! I can pay some points!!!

Can you export this character to .obj ?

Here is the tutorial (You just need to do the 1st part).
ohh this is an interesting group :D nice idea having all weapons in one place ^^

we will be happy to submit our weapons and bits here (we have plenty we are planning to port :giggle: )
Thank you ^^ That is why I made this group, to have weapons on hand when you need'em so you don't have to sift through 29 pages in XNALara customized xD And we also categorize the items via their type as you see :D 

Any and all of your weapon ports are welcome here :D  
your welcome :D

its definatly a handy little group (no pun intended xD)

we got plenty more weapons to come :D we plan on porting pretty much every weapon from LR, FF13 and FF13-2 ^^ theres a real lack of FF weapons xD
^^ hahaha it's okay, puns are awesome =p 

and great! I can't wait to see the new arrivals :D 

and I agree, there is quite a lack of FF weaponry; but thanks to you're group I'm sure that will be an outdated notion soon enough :) 
Welcome to the group! We look forward to your ports :)