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As there have been several inquiries about me doing commissions I decided to offer commissions once again for people who are interested.
So I am writing this journal to highlight the steps, possible prices and possibilities when it comes to requesting a commission.


As stated; contact goes, information regarding a possible commission, via the note system here on dA. Here you can make a description of what you are looking for in the design, or add a reference sheet/links, and what kind of format it should be in (perspective, side view etc). After that I will contact you and after everything is sorted (idea wise) out, I will create a base drawing or sketch (1 to 2) 
for approval. When the base drawing is to your liking, and the agreed amount of payment is send to my paypal account, design will be finished.

When requested; the piece of art can only be send to the person that commissioned it. So when requested I will not post it. Normally I will post a small resolution image of the commissioned art in my gallery.

What can be asked for:

CommHandManos by HandofManos

As seen in the prices in the above posted image, which only shows some of the art I made. the prices vary depending on what you want.
This mainly has to do with the color, size, details and so on. For a good sense of details I invite everyone to also take a look at my gallery and send an image link to show me what kind of detail you are looking for.

Again For other specialized designs or requests for different formats this can also be discussed via the note system.
For further samples feel free to check my gallery.

I did post some stuff during my hiatus but wanted people, who are interested, to know I am getting back into drawing. Since I have some more free time and want to use it to make material I like.
As such I am planning some new work and perhaps even look at some of my older stuff and rework those.

Again thanks for the patience and kind words of everyone liking my stuff ;)
The title already delivers the message, but for everyone interested in more details, I am taking a break for the coming 6 months at least.
The main reason for this is the lack of time. My current job, and educational course I am following for it, demands a lot of time and energy. As such I closed the commissions since I do not feel like I can give it the attention each drawing deserves. 

That being said I still enjoy drawing in general and I am certain to get back into it. I want to try some new techniques and move more away from the technical drawings I tend to make. Perhaps a combination of 3d and using my tablet is the way to go but that is something I have to practice and try out. I basically want to make everything a bit more alive compared to the dry technical images I mostly made.

Again everyone thanks for the support and liking my drawings. It is great fun to check art here and draw inspiration from that.
Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I last posted and recently I am getting slowly back into drawing again.
Drawing aircraft profiles is fun and it gives me a chance to get used to improving my shades and details. And after joining some aircraft related groups it was quite easy to find inspiration from talented fellow artists like :iconfighterman:, :iconbad-rabbit-design: and :iconws-clave:. Their work on details, reflections and textures are inspiring!

For inspiration I also tend to look at magazines and online obviously.

For scifi related material I tend to use, beyond the obvious artists I follow here, checking movies and a variety of other methods, artbooks. I bought quite a lot of books during the years ranging from architecture, mechanical manuals and concept art related books.
And recently I started to look at some of the older ones and thinking getting one or two new ones.
I am looking for Battletech related books but sadly I haven't seen any yet but I am also quite interested in Patlabor bboks. :) Also Star Trek and Star Wars has a few great artbooks around, Albeit the Star Wars related ones are better in some cases and certainly more numerous.

But a question I wanted to ask anyone who reads this which books they like and use when they need inspiration. Or just to enjoy reading how the artists do it and what the thoughts behind the eventual design is.

And since  I am considering selling some of my small collection to compensate a bit, room wise (and lets be honest money wise) my question is where to sell them? What are your experiences with for example using ebay? I mainly bought via amazon and that is quite something different.

The ones I am considering selling are mainly Warhammer artbooks which have less appeal or fanbase here where I live. I do love the universe and the amount of detail you see in those books thats why I got quite a few of them.
Hello everyone,

As the title already states I am curious what works best for you who use it. Why? Because I am considering moving more in the direction of going more traditional in linework while I want to color the image later on in photoshop or similar programs. Having watched many amazing artists like; :iconbeltminer: ,:icondan338:, :iconraka-raka: and :iconfeloniusmonk: ,to call a few, I would like to do something similar. Basically doing something new compared to the similar stuff I am currently work on lately (technical stuff) and also because I have less time to work on the PC due to our son a more traditional hand-on approach is more fascinating.

That being said I would like opinions and perhaps links of artists you like, which use similar techniques. :) Or show links here in the comments of your own work with ink. Tips and tricks are always liked as well :) I know it will take some time to get back into traditional work (as can be seen by the simple sketches I posted) since I maninly make quick, not very clean, sketches. 

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As some might have read, and noticed, I have taken quite some time off thanks due my pregnant wife. And 2 weeks ago our baby son was born. Both are healthy and doing fine and we are slowly getting in some kind of routine :) As such I am able to devote some time again on drawing. 

It will be slow and perhaps not so productive, since I have other priorities which are obvious. Even so I wanted to tell the good news about our son and I'll post some more art in the coming days.

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