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List almost done :) again I have to say it is great fun to work on these designs and with some luck everyone will see some new designs popping up soon. 


As there have been several inquiries about me doing commissions I am once again open for commissions. As such I am writing a new journal highlighting the steps, prices and possibilities when it comes to requesting a commission.

It is also likely that there will be a waiting list which I will post here with status and when it is done. Obviously the people who commission me will be updated via the dA note system, which is also the main way of communicating when it comes to expressing ideas etc. The waiting list is basically endless, but of course the lower you are on it the longer you have to wait, first come and so on.

1 - Benne422: final image:
Star Trek Kzinti Assault Destroyer by HandofManos
2 - Philbob82: final image:
Star Trek Patrol Ship by HandofManos
3 - Seekhim: final image:
Nlian Science Vessel MSD by HandofManos
4 - Ryly: final image:
ONeill ship commission by HandofManos
5 - Philbob82:
Star Trek Cruiser by HandofManos
6 - thormemeson: final image.
WarriorClass Warship by HandofManos
7 - Lucario-Stl: final image.
Star Trek Dynamic Ship by HandofManos
8 - Veronw: final image:
Starship Commission by HandofManos
9 - SeekhHim: sketch stage
10 - Philbob82: final image.
Star Trek TOS multi purpose cruiser by HandofManos
11 - Ares-N7: working out drawing.


As stated contact and information about commissions can be done by using the note system. Here you can make a description of what you are looking for in the design, or add a reference sheet/links, and what kind of format it should be in (perspective, side view etc). After that I will contact you and after everything is sorted (idea wise) out will create a base drawing or sketch (1 to 2) 
for approval. When the base is done the agreed amount of payment is to be send to my paypal account. When the payment is received the design will be finished.

When requested the piece of art can only be send to the person that commissioned it. So when requested I will not post it. If this is not an issue I will post a small resolution image of the commissioned art in my gallery.

What can be asked for:

CommHandManos by HandofManos

As seen in the prices in the above posted image, which only shows some of the art I made. the prices vary depending on what you want.
This mainly has to do with the color, size, details and so on. For a good sense of details I invite everyone to also take a look at my gallery and send an image link to show me what kind of detail you are looking for.

Again For other specialized designs or requests for formats this can be discussed via the note system.
For further samples feel free to check my gallery.

I did post some stuff during my hiatus but wanted people, who are interested, to know I am getting back into drawing. Since I have some more free time and want to use it to make material I like.
As such I am planning some new work and perhaps even look at some of my older stuff and rework those.

Again thanks for the patience and kind words of everyone liking my stuff ;)
The title already delivers the message, but for everyone interested in more details, I am taking a break for the coming 6 months at least.
The main reason for this is the lack of time. My current job, and educational course I am following for it, demands a lot of time and energy. As such I closed the commissions since I do not feel like I can give it the attention each drawing deserves. 

That being said I still enjoy drawing in general and I am certain to get back into it. I want to try some new techniques and move more away from the technical drawings I tend to make. Perhaps a combination of 3d and using my tablet is the way to go but that is something I have to practice and try out. I basically want to make everything a bit more alive compared to the dry technical images I mostly made.

Again everyone thanks for the support and liking my drawings. It is great fun to check art here and draw inspiration from that.
Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I last posted and recently I am getting slowly back into drawing again.
Drawing aircraft profiles is fun and it gives me a chance to get used to improving my shades and details. And after joining some aircraft related groups it was quite easy to find inspiration from talented fellow artists like :iconfighterman:, :iconbad-rabbit-design: and :iconws-clave:. Their work on details, reflections and textures are inspiring!

For inspiration I also tend to look at magazines and online obviously.

For scifi related material I tend to use, beyond the obvious artists I follow here, checking movies and a variety of other methods, artbooks. I bought quite a lot of books during the years ranging from architecture, mechanical manuals and concept art related books.
And recently I started to look at some of the older ones and thinking getting one or two new ones.
I am looking for Battletech related books but sadly I haven't seen any yet but I am also quite interested in Patlabor bboks. :) Also Star Trek and Star Wars has a few great artbooks around, Albeit the Star Wars related ones are better in some cases and certainly more numerous.

But a question I wanted to ask anyone who reads this which books they like and use when they need inspiration. Or just to enjoy reading how the artists do it and what the thoughts behind the eventual design is.

And since  I am considering selling some of my small collection to compensate a bit, room wise (and lets be honest money wise) my question is where to sell them? What are your experiences with for example using ebay? I mainly bought via amazon and that is quite something different.

The ones I am considering selling are mainly Warhammer artbooks which have less appeal or fanbase here where I live. I do love the universe and the amount of detail you see in those books thats why I got quite a few of them.
Hello everyone,

As the title already states I am curious what works best for you who use it. Why? Because I am considering moving more in the direction of going more traditional in linework while I want to color the image later on in photoshop or similar programs. Having watched many amazing artists like; :iconbeltminer: ,:icondan338:, :iconraka-raka: and :iconfeloniusmonk: ,to call a few, I would like to do something similar. Basically doing something new compared to the similar stuff I am currently work on lately (technical stuff) and also because I have less time to work on the PC due to our son a more traditional hand-on approach is more fascinating.

That being said I would like opinions and perhaps links of artists you like, which use similar techniques. :) Or show links here in the comments of your own work with ink. Tips and tricks are always liked as well :) I know it will take some time to get back into traditional work (as can be seen by the simple sketches I posted) since I maninly make quick, not very clean, sketches. 

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As some might have read, and noticed, I have taken quite some time off thanks due my pregnant wife. And 2 weeks ago our baby son was born. Both are healthy and doing fine and we are slowly getting in some kind of routine :) As such I am able to devote some time again on drawing. 

It will be slow and perhaps not so productive, since I have other priorities which are obvious. Even so I wanted to tell the good news about our son and I'll post some more art in the coming days.

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Hello everyone.

First of all thanks for the watchers and commenters on my "art"they have been quite helpful and even though I have not been able to post a lot the last weeks it is great to see the art being posted here and the people actually watching my own and commenting from time to time. It is very much appriciated.

After finishing several real life issues I finally have more time to actually work on drawing some more again. At least until my vacation in which I will travel to Asia :D but before I go I wanted to give a few headsups on what I am planning afterwards (and before I leave for 2 weeks).
First of al I am open for commissions again as well as working on several ideas for CoM related art. Also plans for the USS Wisp to return are in my mindas well! :D Still love the small ship and her adventures will certainly continue.

A short post in all but I am finally feeling energetic once again!

Theunis "Handofmanos"

commission prices and samples please take a look at:
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Hello everyone,

Just a headsup whats been going on lately. First of all working on some commissions has slowed some of my own work down but rest assured that I will certainly continue with those.
The most important thing on my own projects list is the work I am doing for Chronicles of Man. I have some new ideas and sketches that are in need of working out. I also will continue the Star Trek story I am working on. It's style is basically a learning project which I want to use later on with the Chronicles of Man universe to make more 'paintings' depicting scenery in that Universe. Basically I want to try to work on a city in that case but that is for the future. I also have several other more technical designs around. Mostly smaller capital ships and possible civilian designs as well.

For the Star Trek one I do have some interesting plans as well for a 'new' enemy then the Klingons to stir up problems in the story for the crew of the USS Wisp, USS Agincourt and USS Bremen (which will be the ships and crews on which the story will develop). The USS Wisp being a Ranger Class scout, USS Agincourt and Constitution Class explorer/cruiser and the USS Bremen an Archer Class cruiser.

Commission wise I am working on a Star Trek ship, which some might have seen and I am working on a sketch for another Star Wars related one. Which I will post in the coming days.

As for future projects I am still in the process of thinking about making a modern looking version of the game Star Trek 25th Anniversary but then based in a TMP era. But that is something for much later.

I also want to turn everyone's attention to Shoguneagle's competition, something that might interest some of you to participate in. Take a look at the journal he posted here:
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Yesterday I was going over some of my older games and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the manual for one of the games I enjoyed quite a lot back in the days. It was Starfleet Academy and I really loved the story and gameplay. It was a spacesimulator  in which you were a command cadet that enrolled into Starfleet Academy and showed guest appearences of captain Kirk, captain Sulu and commander Chekov. It has Full Motion Video (FMV) for cutscenes, in which you had some choices to interact with your training crew. And after some searching on youtube I found a walkthrough or playthrough and thought how much I loved the game, it was one of the few games I actually ordered before it came out at a local computer store. At this time games still came in boxes and in some cases lots of manuals and other promotional artwork was provided.

A good example of such artwork was Wingcommander. Another game I liked to play. I actually first got in touch with it when I bought Wingcommander 3 which gave me several manuals, artwork in the form of a technical schematic sheet of all enemy and playable fighters and a story and gameplay that is sadly not seen a lot these days. In general spacesims are not featured a lot.

Yet it is good to see gamemodifications like wing commander saga ( and kickstarter projects like (…) take up the slack in development on that front. Also I want to put some attention to two, in my opinion the best, gamemodifications for star trek around.

One being Star Trek Enterprise MACO which uses the crysis engine: and was once known as Star Trek Enterprise Temperal Cold War. A Half Life 2 mod that albeit having a wonderful development team it was not supposed to be. Even so it was a great experience as I was a member of that team. It is even more exiting to see it been brought back to live. So be sure to take a look.

Secondly there is Star Trek Excalibur which looks like a promising space simulator. And they seem even to work on starship interiors so hopefully this will result in a combination of Starfleet Bridge Commander / Starfleet Academy and some adventure elements or at least something like how you could move from one section to another in Wingcommander. Talking with your crewmates and such.
Or even better something more similar to point and click adventure elements (see Star Trek 25th anniversery / Judgment Rites or TNG A final Unity).

Why I am babbling about these games of old is simple... they inspire me and were a part of how I would like to see everything developing in my future work. I hope to tell a story and also develope my color use and detailing. Who knows in the near future I might take a look into game modifications once again :)

Okay back to drawing
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First of all thanks everyone for voting, and helping me, decide to what to work on next for the Rhine Class tender.
Rhine Class Tender by HandofManos A TMP era starship it is my first work on a star trek design for quite some time.

And as it seems the orthos for it won with quite some margin. So expect to see some kind of ortho profile data sheet for the Rhine class the coming week.

I am also still working on Chronicles of Man starships, most notably the dreadnought, and have been considering making new ground units for it as well.

Also there are some commissions in progress that so far seem to be accepted by the respective requesters. Here and there some changes where needed but I will not bore you with those. As it is stands I have posted 1 of those and I do hope the person that gave me the assignments likes what he sees. :)

Ok that was my rant thus far. Onwards to a productive and fun year artistic wise
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As 2012 comes to an end I thought lets write a journal post talking about what is to come and how I experienced 2012 here on dA. After being here for more then an year I am glad to say that posting art and also checling other people's work, commenting and receiving comments in return, has been wonderful. At times it was hard to continue on with actual drawing anything but the constructive critism and encouraging comments really helped me a lot during this, for me, turmoil year with many ups and downs which I shall not bother anyone with.

Having met a wide scale of artists here on dA to both admire and exchange comments with, helping eachother out and just mentioning that they do a good job has been a very rewarding experience. And I hope other people feel the same.
The new year, which is now about 5 hours away for me will hopefully mean several improvements both for me on a personal scale as well as in art. I will continue to work on onceelysian 's Chronicles of Man universe and I am planning to work on several other projects. It is also my plan to work more with the tablet I have when time allows for it.

I for one wish everyone a great new year and hope to contribute and admire all the work that is been made here.

Cheers and a happy new year!
Theunis "Handofmanos" Dijkman
As of late I worked on several requests (which was quite some fun) and now several commissions. It has been quite a while since I actually did something like that since my past experience with commissions made me stear around them.
I once made a fully worked out design and then the would be commissioner did not pay so after spending quite some time in it I felt a little bit dissapointed. Now I see people actually paying up front. Which is very decent and shows the amount of trust they put in me as designer. Even so I first ask them to wait so I can make a sketch first and show that to them before they commit financially to the project. At least that is how I like to work. You can then also alter parts of the base drawing to fit the needs of the person who has commissioned you.

My question or interest is as such, to people who actually commission people and artists alike, what do you prefer? Do you first make a sketch for the person who hires you? Would you like a sketch before hand? Or is it all about trust back and forth? What have been your experiences as artist and costumer so far?

These are two of the commissions I have finished:
Vagabond Class  Patrol Carrier - Commission by HandofManos for :iconshoguneagle:
:thumb338490851: for :iconshilka86:
Being perspectives these were 35$ each while a more complicated like the one shown below will be 50$.
Saratoga Supercarrier - Commission by HandofManos for :iconshoguneagle:

Profiles are cheaper though the side being 25 and every other one 10 to 15.

As it stands I will work on my own stuff since the projects that I was working for are finished. I want to thank people for their intereest and also for the replies. It is interesting to see how people work and what everyone expects.
Back to a Star Wars design this time around
Good day everyone,

Its been a while since I posted much work or any journal for that matter but I thought lets write something down since I am in quite a good spirit after reading some good novels... and having some free time this weekend certainly does help :D

After being here on deviant art for a year now I reflect a bit back on the things I have learned but also about the huge amount of inspiration and contacts you make here while posting your work, People here are in general quite diverse in their work and it is fun to contribute and get comments which I try to return as well. Constructive critism and helpfull comments are the main reason I actually post here. It is a good way for me to learn more on how to improve my own work and also help out other posters with my limited knowledge of drawing styles and techniques (Being mainly a technical hobby designer myself).
So far I keep having fun posting here and even though I sometimes have less to post since real life is busy at times I always find time to take a look at the art being posted.

Continuing on that point I wanted to point out some people, some of which are friends, others being inspirational artists and both creating great work, in this post. Some are even accepting commisioned work and I really encourage anyone to visit their pages since they do make great work and are quite tallented. I won't post them all though since that would take ages :) even so these artists inspire me to get better and are inspirational and influential to what I try to create:

The first of these artists I mentioned is:
:iconadamkop: A great 3d artist who is capable to create loads of 3d objects as if it is nothing... albeit his Polish humor is not to my taste ey adam! :P He is also someone who does commissioned work and in my opinion he offers quite something in return so be sure to visit his page.

Another artist is :iconfeliane: and :iconraka-raka: both being excellent character artists. Feliane being more a digital artist while Raka-Raka makes more use of traditional means to create her work. Both are quite tallented and have a great grasp of color use and have quite some funny art pieces on their pages. Both are also offering commisions and if you need a character done you should look them up :)

:iconmarian87:, :iconcolourbrand: and :iconthefirstfleet: are artists you also don't want to miss if you are interested in scifi art. Marian87 being a concept artist with a large variation of work which, for me is a inspirational source which also counts for Colourbrand who has a large selection of concept work based on Star Trek but also quite some great Battletech work. Thefirstfleet is similar to Adamkop a great 3d artist who makes a large amount of unique and canon star trek designs focussing also on the smaller less know starships and filling in the gaps in Starfleet (support vessels).

:icononceelysian: and :icongalen82: are both friends I already know from my time at scifimeshes. With both I talk quite often and madeinjapan's universe 'The Chronicles of Man' is a focal point for my and Galen's work since it is a fun universe with a great diversity of art being made for it, and quite some backstories as well. Ranging from spaceships to civilian designs and as of late also architecture. Now we only need to work on concept art of places you can visit in this universe and it will be even more fun. So need to see if I can do something about that since we three are not yet so capable in that :D

Others worth mentioning are :iconbeltminer:, :icondeepblu742: and many more.

They are all great artists and their work really helps me a lot!

Also something I want to mention was the commisioned work I was planning to focus on but in the end I think it is the best that I stick at requests and focus on some new project I have in my mind for some time. After having read an wonderful story which closely resembles what I had in mind. The story is from a comic called Twin Spica and I was quite happily surprised, it easilly gets in the same level as PlanEtes which are boteh comics I would recommend people to read. They are both about space exploration, hopes and dreams and staying possitive. A concept I want to work on as well some more. The idea behind a manned spacecraft in the near future and the struggles involved with it. I think I will work on that more from now on and try to learn more techniques and get better in drawing itself. So I can get more capable in portraying what I have in my head on paper.

Of course I will also focus some more on Chronicles of Man ( since it is a great project to work on and I learn quite a lot from it.

Okay that is quite some text I wrote down :)
Back to sketching and enjoying the sun.
As I write this I have made some conclusions and ideas about how to go further. Firstly I want to state that commisioned work will not tamper a lot with any running projects. I basically want to continue to produce material and art I like and obviousky want to produce good work when I get commisioned projects so will keep the requests limited so I can focus on them and on my other work. Price wise I will keep it for orthos (side/top/bottom etc views) at $35-40 while a perspective will be $25 or a bit higher depending on the complexity. Other work like MSD's and sketches is something that needs to be discussed on a level depending on complexity but will probably be similar to the previous prices I mentioned. It will also matter if the work is based on an design that is already there or a completely new one.

Also the work on Chronicles of Man will step up some more since I have a few new ideas for it and will focus less on the starships in it but more on other objects like stations, ground vehicles and perhaps even architecture (how to work that one out is something I need to think about). Also there are some new exiting activities happening at Chronicles of Man, mainly being less restrictions design wise and the creation of new nations. With some luck more people will be interested to join as well so there is still a lot of room for nations and companies and the likes. It is not all about drawings it is basically also a lot abouot writing and there is some RPíng going on as well. So if you are interested take a look at the forum here:… the wiki (which is a highly WIP due to these changes, but the technical material written there is quite solid)…

Star Wars is also something starting to interest me somewhat more and is a part I want to focus on some more. Since there is some great inspiration to be found there :) which helps in making my own designs. This does not mean I will neglect Star Trek or Chronicles of Man (the latter being my main focus of interest due to its artistic freedom).

Okay I hope that clears a few things up and rest assured I will post more in the following weeks since I seem to have some more time so now it is time to finish some projects and start new ones.

Thanks everyone for the advice for the previous journal and thanks everyone for looking and commenting and pointing out improvement points in my work.
As the poll states I am considering, after some suggestions of friends here and at other forums to provide my limited services for different kinds of art.
Depending on the poll I will see what I consider 'fair' in prices. Probably 5-10$ for orthos etc etc.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know since suggestions and friendly advice is always a good thing :)

Keep in mind I will obviously continue to work on my own stuff and consider requests here and there. As of late I have a few nice sketches lying around for Chronicles of Man and several other scifi series that deserve being worked out :)
So how is everyone doing? I hope well obviously :D for me it is a slow start with a bit of a lack inspiration wise.
I am contemplating on working on a Star Trek frigate (all orthos and interiors) or try something completely else, but what I do not know yet.
Perhaps a non technical work like another character design or perhaps something technical but now scifi related.

I did finish the EMS uniform though which turned out okay and have send the larger version of the image to the person who asked for it. :)
Only two days left and it seems a ENT era design will be the winner. Time to think about what to do :)
On a second note I am planning to work more on characters, or at least try to do so. It is also quite fun to work for other projects and on sketches for friends, so expect to see more for Chronicles of Man as well.

Also merry christmas everyone and best wishes
Been having internet issues lately thank to me moving to a new appartment. As such I am only able to use the internet during the weekend when visiting family.
Even so it is great to see the amount of art that can be found on deviantart after being offline for only 5 days.

With some luck I will have internet in 1 to 2 weeks so I will be able to post more frequently :D

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Inspiration, something that is important to many, if not all people creating art. Not to mention using it as a focal point for creativity and design.
This day I wanted to talk about where I get my inspiration from and how that reflects on my work.

I draw inspiration from stories, movies but most importantly images I find, or look at on Deviant Art, Scifi Meshes or any other site that sparks my interest.

Scifi Meshes is a site similar to deviant art but then focusses only on scifi related material. It is a great site if you are looking for Star Trek and Star Wars material, which are posted the most over there. Even so you will also find great creativity in the sense of unique designs or universes created by people themselves.

Inspiration from this site comes, in my case, from the stories people add with the renders and 2d images they post. And obviously good renders and images help explain it quite a lot. Even so I find work in progress (WIP) shots sometimes even greater then the finished product since it leaves you imagination open to what it might turn out to.

And even though I work mostly in 2d I do get quite some inspiration out of models. Their textures (hullplating/lighting etc) are something I am always interested in and 3d models can show the most realistic way of adding shadows and reflections from added lightpoints when it comes to starships. An element I considerer very important in any drawing I try to make (With the exception of technical drawings).

Good examples of inspirational work when working on starships can be found here:……

Last but not least is your own imagination.
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Finally was able to finish the Norway, which I promptly posted here of course. I made it for a friend who will probably, when given time, model it.

About the Norway; it was one of the new designs featured in Star Trek First Contact and was one of the least used and seen units. The others being the Sabre, Steamrunner and the well known Akira Classes.

The original model of the Norway was apparently lost during a water accident at the studios. Even so it deserves some more love and as such I hope I gave it a somewhat more detailed look.

And now it is time to find out what to do next.