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Apologies for the watermark. I just wanted to give a sneak peak of what the poster will look like that comes with some of the Kickstarter pledges.

If you want her, signed and watermark free, hop on over to here: [link]

EDIT: Because of your concern, I will let you know, yes, Vesper has the necklace, but she doesn't wear it when they are out in the Wild West. It is tucked safely away in that bag she is holding. :) That's why I love you guys; hawkeyes, every one of you.
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Picked this jewel out at the comic book shop today! :D awesome work I really love it
sweetsugariness's avatar
I can't believe I forgot to fave this ^^ Plume's an awesome comic
gingerbreadcat's avatar
Been reading your comic religiously with every update. :'D Loving every page.
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Question time!: Can we still pledge on Kickstarter even if you've reached your goal and how many pages is Chapter 1? Will you let us know and charge us later for international backers? (or are we charged when we pledge?)
handmade-crown's avatar
Keep pledging! Chapter one is a 32 page book. And just add $4 to your pledge and that should cover the shipping costs. :)
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I doubt I'm the first to ask this, but do you think you will be offering this print on it's own and not in the Kickstarter package sometime? Totally wanting to pay for it.
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Yes, I answered a few questions like 'dis one in my journal: [link]

A113Panda's avatar
WOOHOO. Figured I couldn't be the only one asking about that.

Also, huge congrats on meeting your goal on Kickstart. No question you're highly talented and your comic is top-notch, but not everyone wants to actually spend money on good art, so the fact that your goal was exceeded… Well, that says a lot. :) I'll be pitching in a few bucks for my own signed copy that I will flaunt in everyone's faces and make them so jealous they will go and buy their copies too.
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Love it! Can't wait to receive my copy :heart: They are gonna look sexay on my wall ;)
Calick's avatar
looking great! When I have some time, I will read all pages in a row! :D:D
Dutafue's avatar
Isn't she supposed to be wearing the medalion?
handmade-crown's avatar
She has it safely tucked away in her pouch.
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BlueShadowM's avatar
The poster looks great. Love Plume and would really like to help you publish. Unfortunatelly I have absolutely no money at all. But I wish you the best of luck and hope that I can buy Plume when it's published. :)
Camico1123's avatar
This looks so awesome! As is tho comic.
I absolutely love your style of drawing:love: And your characters. And your coloring.
Heck, I love everythingXD
World-Inside-Me's avatar
This looks fantastic! The colouring and poses/expressions are superb!
neekaneeks's avatar
I totally hopped on board for this. I can't wait to have Plume in print! ♥
Dreamaniacal's avatar
*rushes to check bank account*

*finds only $5 in it*

...Um how long is this going to be available?
robokiss's avatar
Awesome! I like the typeface, is any of it hand-drawn?
japanese-candayy's avatar
She isn't wearing the necklace..!
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