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June 29, 2011
The suggester says, "A fantastic and amusing page that's both well thought out and well produced."
Plume: 01006 by ~handmade-crown
Featured by kangel
Suggested by neurotype
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Plume: 01006

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This is so well staged. First, the box is on the right, and she is beside the box. Then, she's in front of the box, and so is the camera, but the box is still on the right. Finally, the camera is behind the box, but she's still in front of the box, and the box is still on the right. Smart camera work!
Varsa-svasa's avatar
I adore this style!!!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz:
ForkTheMighty's avatar
Best page ever. Hands-down. :D
KarurotaSan's avatar
I love this page. I read your comic till the latest page, but I can't stop reading this XD vesper is awesome! :D
BlueMormon's avatar
Vesper is so cool!
A-Little-Demonic's avatar
Hahahahaha! Best female comic character so far! XDDDD (and best comic character relationship so far:D)
SnittyCakez's avatar
.........................HAHAHAHA!! Thats kinda what I do with my locker!
SnowWhiteAK's avatar
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING D.A. FOR SO LONG AND FOUND IT!!!!!!! :squee: I love your comic! I can't wait for mooooooorre!!!
I love this comic page. not sure if there are others im missing, but, while i like the streamlined effect overall, i do wish that you added more scenery or details in the first panel to give some sort of sense of where the characters are. again, though, i don't know if im just reading too far into a continuing comic or not. overall, good style, action, colors... everything! keep up the good work.
handmade-crown's avatar
Thank you for the kind words! It is the 6th page, so there are more ahead of it. :)
MarshmellowHeaven's avatar
This page made me laugh so much :)
VendettaHex33's avatar
Like I said before: she's growing on me.
I love her kicking pose. The look on her face ties it together.
TehBubblegumNinja's avatar
The pacing of this is amazing. (x
onyx-gem1393's avatar
She's so expressive. I love it! You did a great job on this page :D
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noriko-kikhio's avatar
Such personality. Awesome stuff!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
A-Rob's avatar
totally classic! i love this! nice sequentials!
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Kaminarai's avatar
Wow love the colors on this.
Aneirin-Aryon's avatar
Awesome. XD

I love the style. :D

Great captions too. "Oh yes, I'll be gentle..." XD
Pop3464's avatar
Lol....Sure you are. XD
shaddowkarate's avatar
:| I always hate it when random pages of comics get Daily Deviation. I'm sure this took you completely by surprise.

It's not that YOU handmade-crown don't deserve a DD, it's this particular page that doesn't. You have so many other more deserving pieces.
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