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March 8, 2010
What does THIS do? by *HandBanana001 is a tribute to all of these specialists who risk their lives to make us safer everyday, and also to that movie that won today at that award show. As for this photographer, rest well, dear brother.

Please Do Not Politicize This Image.

[Photojournalism / Military]
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What does THIS do?

Bomb Disposal School in Besmaya, Iraq. I got an awesome picture of myself with this guy in the background ... Yep, the bomb squad just 50 yards from me.
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2400x1583px 2.41 MB
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10/8000 second
Focal Length
160 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 11, 2008, 4:40:21 PM
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 Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle. 
KwitterPwea's avatar
No, Sally, PUT it down. If your wondering, it goes.

blowuupheaps's avatar
is that a hammer next to him??? when it doesnt work hit it?
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Me864's avatar
"damn children"
viciousjaws's avatar
I'm sure I'm mistaken: Is that an iPhone attached to his wrist?!
raypettit74's avatar
Not an iPhone, it's a wrist mounted computer. Worked with EOD.
I find it hard not to politicize a picture of a soldier with a politicizing caption. :\
da-ekko's avatar
maybe if you press

that red button in the middle of the

pannel connected to those boxes

with the weird tag that say (c4)

youll find out

or you can just ask

i prefer the first option

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OMG i forgot wich one, the red cable or the green???
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"I think his name was joe. usualy is." haggard, battlefield bad company
akad-wade's avatar
EOD! Pretty hard to get into especially in the Navy, but they're job is pretty awesome
dannix14's avatar
It reminds me a movie, Hurt Locker? :D
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Warning! Alien Jawa holding something explosive.
frazzimals's avatar
that would be a little scary lol...i would be a bad bomb squad person, im too twitchy
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I put this art in my feature :iconfirstplz:
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"What does THIS do?"
"ah... cra-"
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"Terrorists win!"
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Amazing shot. ^^

The Joker
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