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summer sunflowers: hand dyed kanzashi hair flowers


Summer, the time for the lovely sunflower! It's a great accessory for a wonderful hair do... warm and cheerful. I used silk which I hand dyed with gradation for the soft petals, and brown kimono fabric and a vintage button for an all original design.

I like the golden color...with cadmium yellow and goldenrod accents...because it's really energetic and genki. It's like a little sun. :nod: hope my friend likes it.

ひまわり 🌻 素敵な のイメージですので、手染めの正絹で柔らかい花びらを表現してみました。丸い花びらは優しい気持ち! 元気を浮かんでくる色合いをイメージしてデザインしましたので、赤支子 (オレンジ・黄色)に染めた。


So the round petal one is for my friend Quyen. other news, I finally have internet in my home. :nod: And I've successfully moved to Japan-- next step-- work on art more. *Sheepish* my etsy is back up, btw!

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Arent' they gorgeous flowers??? So fun to look at. I'm glad the silk version helps!
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very nice. hi. watashi wa nihongo o benkyoushitai desu! watashi wa kimi ni naraimasu!
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thank you! arigatou gozaimasu. itsudemo irasshai! ありがとうございます。 いつでもいらっしゃい!
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I thought these were really sunflowers until I looked closer. Nicely done!
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: D that is the best response to my silk flowers. :huggle: thank you~~ glad you liked them~
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You're very welcome. And I love them very much! Do you style your works after other flowers too? Like orchids and blossoms?
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:floating: thank you! (sorry for the late reply!) 
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I love the brooches in the center of these. It reminds me of the roaring 20's, full of life, and energy. 

I'm so sorry I missed you in Japan. I hope you both are feeling better and that you are having a FABULOUS time in Tokyo, I know from the (sadly) shorty time I spent there that it is a truly amazing place. OH well, if I have my way, it won't be the last time I'm in Japan. :P 
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:D :D oooh, I love that interpretation. 20s fashion and feminist New Women are so interesting to me. :D

I'm sorry I missed you too~~ I've been sick (and so has Tara) off and on since I got here. So many new germs/viruses I guess. >.> IF you come back to Japan hopefully I'll be more energetic (and maybe a job that involves less viruses...) and can see you in person. I'd love to share a cuppa tea~
starsinmyteacup's avatar
lol there is no IF, it's more of a WHEN I GET MORE MONEY.  lol. I really really loved my trip there. 
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I understand that. I'm trying to pay off my credit card for buying the ticket here myself. XD and that's with my new job. I need a new new job, xD

:D I'll look forward to seeing you then!
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Eeee these are gorgeous :D well done!
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thank you!! I do love sunflowers~
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Very pretty :)
Makes me even more excited to see my sunflowers bloom in my garden~
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sunflowers are super beautiful, and certainly exciting flowers. :D hope they're blooming well for you~~
BlackManaBurning's avatar
They've just started opening - last year I had lots of particularly large sunflowers, but the second generation now this year tends to lean towards multiple heads - they're still lovely all the same to wake up and see their sunny faces :)
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