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Winter Wonder: cream snowflake of chiffon silk

:snowflake: revamp Winter wonder, land of snow... Snowflake

This is made of chiffon-silk-- you can see some of the transparent nature here, and some of the smaller petals (er, pieces?). (this is the larger snowflake, so the petals range from 1.5cm to an inch...some of the baby snowflakes range from .5cm to 1.5cm. ♥ tiny and cute snowflakes? Yes, I like them.)

Zoom out: (the whole snowflake ensemble. )

Again, this was for a lovely custom order. :heart:Snowflakes 
The etsy listing was here: Etsy Winter snowflake half-crown. Etsy Social Smiley
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Gorgeous as usual. So frail-looking!
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Thank you! I also like the look of the silk organza-- it's so~ pretty. and frail. Just like a snowflake~~ so your comment made me happy. :heart:
Oh wow how beautiful! The beauty of the snowflake without the icy-ness!
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Thank you~ :heart: I'm pretty happy with this design. :huggle: it was good fun making-- so much so that I made two...I'll eventually upload the smaller one. *grin*
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Your creations get more delicate by the piece! In love with it as always.^^
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:heart: yeah, it has a lot to do with how big the customer wants it, or what fabric I'm using. I still make large-ish pieces out of kimono fabric, for example because it shows off the patterns better. :nod: but yes, this silk organza is incredibly good for delicate pieces. :nod:

Thank you for your comments! You made my day.
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Very nice!>w< You always give so much insight in your work, too.^^ Do you also use antique kimono fabric sometimes?

Thank you as well! I'm glad I was able to!!^^ :heart:
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Yes, I do use vintage kimono fabric! moonflower I don't have any terribly old kimono, so I can't call them antique, but it'd be a bit of a shame to cut up antique kimono anyway, so~~ all is well. :nod: I stick with the slightly-damaged second-hand kimono, and the samples or bolts of silk fabric they give to kimono shops. I like the bolts especially because the design varies so much!! The kimono shops usually only keep the fabric for so long, and sell them at a discount after some years (?), so, it's good for me. I usually buy them from a third party when in Japan. (I'm studying abroad this year, and so am working with fabrics I've had for a while now. I need to upload those!! I'll do that now. :heart: :PeaceLily: 

.:Tiny flower:. 
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Yay, I thought so!! I visited a used kimono shop in Nagoya once and loved the fabrics, but some of them weren't really wearable anymore with the moth holes and stuff. >< So I'm happy they are put to such awesome use again~
Antique ones must be preserved, that is definitely true!
I didn't know kimono shops sell old samples! Ö.Ö That is a good method, indeed! Have to keep that in mind.

So you took the fabrics with you?^^b
Ohhh I'm gonna go have a look now!
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Wow...  This is really exquisite...
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Thank you. :heart: I'm glad you think so! :huggle:
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You're welcome! Huggle! 
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whoa this close up really shows off the texture of th fabric and just how many little petals these snow flakes are made of. it's really cool. 
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:heart: yeah, I don't often zoom in this far. :nod: but yeah, there are a lot of little petals in these. :nod:
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