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Scarlet and Gold Lotus

Handmade hair ornament for my dear friend :iconinuyatta:

Lovely in red with pretty gold accents! The gold bira-bira/hira-hira was made by my metal working friend. :nod:

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the golden accents just make this piece look so beautifull,
the effect they create is amazing and so the whole design is verry pretty ♥
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:heart: :love: I like the gold accents, too. :D It is quite magnificent.

Red and gold is a very classic color scheme. :nod:
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I love this o/ !!! It's very well-made, very elegant and so delicate ^^ ! The colours remind me the traditional representation of chinese dragons :)
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:heart: I love the way it turned out, too! :heart: :heart:

I'm glad you like this original piece-- I enjoyed making it. :nod:
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The result really shows it ^^
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:heart: thank you so much~~

It's like an imperial lotus, one that you would one see in the palace's imperial gardens or on the empress, as it would be her emblem. ;P

The (hand-painted?) golden accents just lovingly accentuate the beautiful red and the strikingness of this piece!

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Yep, it's hand-painted! I used a special pigment (that's also used in Screen Printing) :) I also dabbed some PEARL EX metallic pigment for a special shine. :heart:

Imperial lotus~~ that does indeed sound true. I can imagine it! :heart:

Thank you my dear!
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nice color XD~
What kind of color are you used?? Acrylic?
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No, it's a special pigment for fabrics. (Also used in Screen Printing) :) I also used PEARL EX metalic pigment for a special shine.

Oh, you asked about bira-bira a while back! This is the bira-bira my friend metal worker made. [link] (his etsy shop)
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A, you remember it. He he, thank you so much XD~
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I really love the gold edging you gave the petals--it's like a red dragon's scale!
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:heart: ohh, I think I like this description. :D Dragon scale~~ :D
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It's lovely. I love the bira-bira, they're do elegant
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They are, aren't they? :D The friend who made them majored in metal working-- he's a metal smith! (Isn't that cool? he has a BA from our university.) He made it more balanced than the mass-produced silver ones I have! I was so~~ impressed by it. :nod:

(Friend plug: [link] <-- his etsy shop)
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I took a metals class in high school. I enjoyed it a lot! He's really good I saw his shop.
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:O they just keep getting more and more beautiful! I love the shape of the leaves and the gold adds the perfect accent
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:heart: the gold accent was totally :iconinuyatta:'s idea. :nod: but I had fun deciding where to put said accent, and picking all the little accent pieces. :D :D :D
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