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Junior Maiko Kanzashi set: maiko henshin February

Ah, so did you know I was making a junior maiko ume set? ^^ I may have forgotten to mention it here. ^^; This is part of my mini-maiko series. It's "mini" because there are fewer flowers in the bouquet, and the petals themselves are quite small. It suits even someone with a small face, or without the traditional nihongami. (Nihongami = a Japanese hair style that you see on geisha and apprentice geisha, called maiko). 

This took forever. :heart: easily more than 30 hours, but photographing it was so fun. It is for sale, btw, but I'm going to send it to my friend in Texas to sell for me. ^^~~ if you want this exact one, I could be convinced to list it on etsy for you. :wink kiss: 

So, another plum design~ it's easier to see that I love plum blossoms now, isn't it? But I don't get asked for them as often as other flowers. ^^ the scent is sooo pretty tho...heavenly. 

This one has well over one hundred petals. I hand dyed the habutae silk in a light shade of rose pink, a gorgeous scarlet, and natural white habutae. I love the way it folds. Very crisp; very suited to this kind of kanzashi. 

Kanzashi, as it's called in English, is a kind of Japanese craft called 'tsumami zaiku.' It's where I cut silk into squares, fold them into individual petals, arrange them into flowers or dangling petals, and wrap them together into hairpins. Feel free to check out :icontzartisans: if you'd like to see more~ 

I'm on etsy:…;
And on instagram:…;

Thank you for looking~ 

Thoughts? Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6 
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aaah they are beautiful! 
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Question: could this be redone so it looks tasteful but with white or red shidare?
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Thank you my dear!

Ahh, do you mean to redo the color balance so there's more white instead of pink? Or more red instead of pink? Or to simply replace the solid pink shidare with solid red shidare? 

I've also seen makers do a stripe of red up the pink. ^^ 

In answer-- yes, I think it could be done. I favor pink tho, and most maiko designs seem to favor pink as well. Here's my collection on pinterest:… (links go back to the original photographer), and the most red I usually see is a lovely diagonal stripe. :floating:

I have redesigned the plum blossoms to be more bold tho:…
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I mean to create this piece twice more so that you have this one, this design where pink is more than white and this design where red is reigning color.
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The folds are so nice, crisp and even. I love the colors, and your new watermark!
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hehe, yeah, this design is not really original, so I thought I should water mark it. A lot of the maiko style plum blossoms look soooo similar. @.@ so it's easy to confuse them. I'm still me tho, and this isn't an "authentic for maiko" piece, so I wanted to make that clear. it's for us who like kanzashi anyway. :heart: 

yep, the folds~~ haha, glad you can tell they're even! I actually have a couple of extra (read: half dozen?) flowers to protect the symmetry of the design. ^^ so fun... 
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Well, I tried making kanzashi several years ago, and quickly found out that if your folds are off by even a millimeter- it doesn't look good! Precision is really important to these little flowers. 
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