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Goldfish Kanzashi. Kingyo.

This goldfish was made, hand dyed, and blushed by me. :heart: It is made with tsumami zaiku (つまみ細工) techniques, famous in the tsumami kanzashi made for geisha and maiko.

This is a custom order for :icondemi-plum: ! She's been a lovely customer, inspiring me from the start. :nod:

This little goldfish comes with a little lily-pad friend, and he likes to swim round and round it... :love:

Swimming round and's picture # 2: [link]


P.S. a similar gold fish will go up for sale on my etsy or artfire soon-ish. Please message me if you're interested. :nod:
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wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :happybounce: 
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So glad to impress! :goldfish: XD I like goldfish. :feedfish: 
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^_^V! :heart: thank you.

作るのが楽しいです! I enjoy making them. :nod:
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Oh my! That's a lovely little fishie
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:heart: fishies are so cute!! :D I enjoy them so much.
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Also, even though this would be perfect for my yukata, I'd definitely like to see one that's a fox. I love foxes, they're so cute and awesome.
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You are after my heart! I adore foxes, and would be delighted to make one for someone...I usually only make the creature ones on demand.
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That would be absolutely PERFECT for my yukata since it has goldfish on it!!! By the way, are you going to be at SanJapan again this year? If so, I'll try and buy some hair accessories from you for my yukata. ^_^
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Glad you like this little one! I like him too. :D

As for being at a con, it depends on my friend's schedule! I have actually never attended one with my kanzashi, though they have been to many without me. XD They travel more than I do, hehe.

(when is that one, btw? I'll try and make an extra fishy to send along...)
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SanJapan is August 10-12 this year, in other words next month. I'd love it if you'd do that and once I do get it, I'll get my photographer friends to take a picture of me wearing it in my yukata and send the photo(s) to you! :love:

And about the fox comment I gave earlier, my friends call me Kitsune ("Kitsy" for short) because of my personality and hair color. They joke around calling me the group's pet fox because they say I'm too cute when I'm snacking on something I like (mainly sweets that they give me). XD
hanatsukuri's avatar
OK, I finished the fish! Once I'm in the states, I'll take a picture. ^_^ I don't think I've heard anything from Quyen about sanJapan yet (but I will ask), but I unfortunately return to Japan on the 9th. >.<

Kitsy~~ my, that is sooooo cute. ^_____________^ If you ever want a kanzashi fox, I'd love to design one for you. ^o^ I have a hard time finishing designs just for the fun of it-- the whole responsibility of custom orders is the only thing that makes me finish a lot of the time. XD
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Thanks for the compliment and sorry that you can't hang around in the states for a longer period of time. Once I'm able to spend money without having to worry about other things, I'll see if I can get a custom fox one since I would simply ADORE wearing one like that almost any time that I'd go out with my friends!

I can see about a few of my other friends that I got into owning a yukata or a custom made wa-lolita (that I made for her - don't have pictures yet >_<), I'll try to get them to see about your kanzashi's since they saw my charm last year from the convention and loved it.

If your friend is going to sanjapan this year, then I'll certainly buy the fish as soon as I get there on the first day! XD
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Custom fox! Yes, please. :D Pop me a note or etsy convo when you're ready!!
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OMG... this kanzashi looks sooo lovely!!!! Why, oh, why I don't know how to do something like this? >.<
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haha, and I don't know how to draw! no worries, we artists have different specialties. :heart:

Glad you like the goldfish. :D
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Thank you! (though either your encoding is not showing up on my computer, or it's artistic expression :heart: ).
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love the colors. they work so well together. :)
presentation's great, too.

how big is he?
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Why thank you! :D I liked this piece so much. :heart:

Lessee, I think that one was 3 in (7.6cm) from nose to fin. :heart:
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Oh my god, this is absolutely adorable! How amazing!!! Welcome to my watchlist!
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:heart: that is a really fun, really inspiring comment. :heart: why thank you! :D

Glad you enjoyed my little swimming piece of art...
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