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Bunny and Sakura Cherry Blossoms: spring at last.

...athough I'm sure it's still snowing where many of you are, we have lovely warm weather here (sometimes. also a lot of cloudy, cool weather). So! I hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are. have probably seen my rabbit kanzashi before, but this one has pink blossoms, so instantly more spring-like, isn't it?

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The kanzashi rabbits are tsumami zaiku (commonly called kanzashi, though these are on clips), so they're made out of painstakingly folded silk squares. I like to use paper-clay (light-weight and multi-layered) face-plates to give them a softer, rounder feel. The cherry blossoms (sakura) are also made of silk, but I hand-dyed those to give them a delicate, springy feel.

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I heard Silk is very very soft! :meow: Almost like a Chinchilla pet ^^
hanatsukuri's avatar
^^ it depends on the type of silk, but yes, it is often soft. "Smooth" is the word that comes to mind for me-- the weave of the fabric is very neat and close together, so you can fold it like this and it is a  continuous fold of shape....or seamless. Silk is probably the best fabric for making kanzashi. :nod:

hehe, you make me want to touch a Chinchilla pet....if only I weren't allergic to most animals with fur...
PoochyPaws's avatar
Hah yeah "Smooth" is a far more appropriate word to use (In my opinion)

I don't think I've EVER felt any "Silk" but I had a Book-cover that I wore on my head during School LOL. 
True story, and I never got teased, just laughed with when I was pretending to be Batman :XD: :lmao:
Fascinating, again I don't think I ever felt Silk "anything" but I can imagine :D Mhmm, of course!

Aw that sucks, sorry to hear that, I am occasionally Allergic to animals too unfortunately. 
They are adorable and they don't really bite. Same with PET/FANCY Rats. They seem rather smart ^^
kamen-kage's avatar
Those bunnies are really cute X) !
I like your cherry flowers, especially the pearls at the center, they really add a "jewel" feeling to your work :-)
hanatsukuri's avatar
Oh, that's a nice way to think of the centers! Yes, a jewel! :D
Kirschu's avatar
Awww! Those bunnys are so cute <3
hanatsukuri's avatar
Any kind of bunny is cute. ♥
haru-mai's avatar
It' so cuuuuute (●^o^●)
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I think every rabbit should have the opportunity to run through sakura petals.  I love the Rabbit on the left, he looks like he's gazing at the next flower to pounce
hanatsukuri's avatar
awww, that is so cute. Rabbits running in sakura... Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Aww, I'm glad you like the little backwards looking bunny.Tugri OC :new: 
PuppitProductions's avatar

BUNNEH 0.0 I must have it. *pens down on “to order” list*

hanatsukuri's avatar
Haha, so glad to please. I love making bunnies~ :heart: I like the jumping one... *nod*
Wah too cute! Those ears :heart:
hanatsukuri's avatar
Agreed, the ears are the most adorable part. :heart: so long and delicate...
yumesange's avatar
Very cute and adorable, as always ❤️
hanatsukuri's avatar
:heart: why thank you! I like to make sweet things. ♥
lavenderl's avatar
So adorable!  Such a darling little face. ^^  Spring has been here for a while, but this piece is really suitable for today.
hanatsukuri's avatar
:heart: I'm happy to hear spring has arrived. :heart: I really like the warm (but not hot) months. :D

I'm glad you like the little face~ it's fun to try and make. :nod:
lavenderl's avatar
I agree!  Spring is my favourite season. ^^

I can imagine. ^^
starsinmyteacup's avatar
It is no where near spring at last over here, but looking these cute peices makes me think so much of spring. :DThey are so cut and seasonal. :D
hanatsukuri's avatar
:heart: I knew some of you had horribly long winters. *pat, pat* but the cold weather has its perks too, I'm sure...

Yes! Seasonal pieces are really a joy to make. :D
starsinmyteacup's avatar
I liek the cold weather, but yes, winter is very long here in upstate ny. lol
hanatsukuri's avatar
Wow, that must be interesting~~ how long does winter last? From October to....mid-April? Or is it just cold?
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