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Bird Of Paradise. Tropical flower kanzashi.

Hand dyed flowers are some of my favourites to make. Especially with an elegant design! So, this is the second bridal-party piece for a lovely bride's order. This is also for one of the ladies in the bridal party, and not the main piece, but definitely one I enjoyed. It's simple to look at, but actually had a complicated dye-job and a couple of trials before we settled on this piece. I do love tropical flowers though!

So, this one is really beautiful, don't you think? The real flower, I mean. I tried to do it justice by making long and bright petals, and alternating the width and girth of the individual pieces...trying to give it an organic look rather than a perfect, symmetrical match you might find in traditional kanzashi.

Also, it's great with this kanzashi prong. I wish I had more of those-- they're so easy to work with and look great even out of the hair. Alas, they seem to be out of stock. It's so hard to import nice hair things. >.<


Note: this style of hairpin is called "tsumami zaiku" or kanzashi. It's an artisan craft which originates from Japan but is used by artists from around the world. If you're interested, see the :icontzartisans: for info about our self-publishing project. [I am 1 contributor of 8; and the head-author, main editor and leader is Ariel Loh.]
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Oh wow. Those colours are really giving of the tropical feeling.
And that they aren't perfectly symmetrical fits these pieces very well. :)

Hmm what does actually work for prongs very nice are chopsticks. I bought myself some high quality ones I am actually using for my hair only. Maybe you can use that too?
hanatsukuri's avatar
:heart: thank you! It was a lot of fun (though time consuming) eyeing the colors as I dyed it. Glad it turned out. :)

Ooh, I had chopsticks for that purpose at one point. They weren't super popular choices amongst customers,but yes, I personally like the feel of them too. I want to take a metal-working class if I can. If my school lets up a bit to let me. ^^
Seon-Ha's avatar
Ah, though there are metal-chopsticks and very beautiful, too. =^.^=
My mother has a set and I used to get her mad by doing hairups with them. XD

Oh and a metal-working class must be very interesting. I wish you the best of luck, that you can get the time for it. :D
Kirschu's avatar
Nice! I like the tropical colors! :D
hanatsukuri's avatar
thank you~ I like the bright and cheerful colors too. :nod:
arielyiningloh's avatar
And now I want to sit somewhere by the ocean and eat mango all day :3

beautiful piece, mei/tara! :heart:
hanatsukuri's avatar
Thank you my dear! :D I hope you can do just that sometime soon-- you must have your hands full as well. :nod:
arielyiningloh's avatar
Midwest USA has no ocean... :(
But I have a pretty important update pending for the group next month (waiting for verdict...), so it may happen.
Who knows. lol
EssJayHyooz's avatar
Really beautiful. I especially love the colours
hanatsukuri's avatar
Thank you! Colours are my favorite part about making art, so I'm pleased to hear you say that. <3
hanatsukuri's avatar
What a nice thing to say. :giggle:
lavenderl's avatar
How lovely!  It really seems lifelike! ^^
hanatsukuri's avatar
Thank you~ I love creating designs based on real flowers, so I'm happy you can see the influence. :heart:
lavenderl's avatar
You're most welcome! Heart 
kyrawriter's avatar
Oh wow! When I get it finished, I will have a dress that would go great with a copy of this piece. 
hanatsukuri's avatar
I would be delighted to make you one. :D
kyrawriter's avatar
Great. It may be a month or so from now
hanatsukuri's avatar
That is good to hear-- I've got so many assignments due. spinning emote Seeing Stars - Emote 
kyrawriter's avatar
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