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An Eternal Promise. Engagement

An engagement ring, made for my dear friend...due to the delicate nature of silk, I made two! One to wear, and one to keep pretty and pristine for years to come. :nod:

This is for the lovely :iconinuyatta:, whose fiance secretely contacted me to make a flower with deep meaning to her. :heart: :nod: he is super, super awesome. Congratulations to the both of them!
The wonderful couple holding hands: [link] (on dA)

...this was atually made quite a while ago, but I waited until after he proposed for obvious reasons. :nod: it was great fun to play a part, to say the least. :XD:

Um...this is tiny, in case you wanted to know. Less than an inch when finished, I think? Right down to a tiny, tiny middle layer (about 5 to 7mm when folded? I completely forgot to measure the the littles before mailing them. :XD:).

Let's cross our fingers that the happy couple takes a picture of the ring being worn? :) And one of his and her hands....

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Awe~! I wish my boyfriend would get me something like that... If he did, I guess my heart would burst with joy.
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I'm sure your bf does perfectly fun and sweet things, though! ♥♥

Thank you for the comment!
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Kanzashi engagement rings! Thats such a lovely Idea and they turned out so wonderfull :heart:
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:heart: thank you so much~~
That is SO adorable.

I... I am speechless.
My brain is currently goo and busy squeeing.

Eeeekkkkk! :+favlove:
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:heart: I was right there with you for a while. It took me a while to calm down and make the cute little thing.

Thank you for such a cute comment!
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So that's why you sent two~

Ohoho, yes, you will get your picture soon. ;)
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Haha, yep, that is why I sent two. :heart: kinda like how a bride has 2 bouquets, yeah? One to cherish and keep, and one to throw to all the eligible girls.

:D :D :D really? a picture? :D :D :D Funness~~
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Sent. ;3 Tell me what you think.
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this looks so lovely

it's like they're glowing :iconwuvplz:
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Oh, I am glad you like that effect. :heart: I quite enjoyed making them, myself, and the color palette is just wonderful fun. :D
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Wow...that's amazing!! ^^
Will you be making more of these, possibly to sell in future?
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Hmmm...I don't think I'd make an exact copy of this engagement ring. And I'm also not planning on making a ring unless someone specifically requests is very delicate and should be treated carefully.

But I can make them upon request. :nod: I even have one simple bands in my studio. It's just waiting for someone to ask for a ring...
It's not as fancy, and not silver-- not like this engagement ring-- but I think it'd be nice for someone who wanted it as an accessory, and not as an engagement ring, hm? :)
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gorgeous! and woww!!
hanatsukuri's avatar
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this is such a beautiful idea and very well done! is there anything you can't do? I hope they take pictures too! I'd love to see it on her :)
hanatsukuri's avatar
:giggle: I love your comment, just so you know. :D it made my day~~

but yes, for the record, there are LOTS of things I can't do. (kanzashi related even. I don't think I can make a kanzashi without glue... :lol: unless I sewed it, but then it's really Vicotiran ribbon folding, isn't it?). Or sports to any degree of success. Or eat meat. Or...*continues babbling*

^_^ thank you for your super fun comment.
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Wow that's a great idea!
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:heart: he is very clever. :heart: I enjoyed lending my experience to the project. :nod:
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Aww That's very sweet. I hope he still gives her a diamond though!
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Yup, there will probably be another ring! Personally I don't like diamonds, but it's their decision, ne? :)
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It'll have a pearl, dammit. Diamonds are boring. XD
hanatsukuri's avatar
I like things with color...^_^ tho I'm not sure I'd want a ring at all...

Pearls are so classy. :nod:
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