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Tutorial: How to tie a obi

By Hanatsuki89
I've always found it difficult to make a obi bow, so since I finally understood the way of doing it...I decided to make a tutorial so that everyone can learn XD
And yes, I know that there are other tutorials about this around the Internet and DA...
I hope you'll like it and understand it :)
I had a lot of fun taking the photos and preparing the tutorial, so if you have some requests about tutorials (mainly regarding cosplay), tell me^^

(I put the copyright thing because of the photos)
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RomaiLee's avatar
nice tutorial! could you telle me how long youre obi is? I want to make one myself and need to calculate the fabric ;)
Hanatsuki89's avatar
Hi! Sorry for the late answer ^^;
Mine is about 3,50 metres long, but you can shorten or lenghten that measure depending on how big you want the bow to be :)
Wioel's avatar
Hello ! I'm thinking of making my own obi for a Yukata-like cosplay I'm making, and I'd like to know how long and how large a real obi is. ^-^
Hanatsuki89's avatar
Hi! Sorry for the late answer!
Well, the obi for women is usually around 30 cm wide and over 4 metres long :)
Wioel's avatar
Okay, thank you ! ^-^
The-Mysterious-J's avatar
Oh great! My Mom and dad wanted to wear their kimonos on some kind of Japan-Party for my cousin's bachelor. But we had no idea how to tie these things.
Hanatsuki89's avatar
It's kinda difficult the first times you do that (I had to practice a lot to mnage to tie it in a decent way :D ). Hope this tut will be useful and easy to follow :)
The-Mysterious-J's avatar
it looks like it is
wanus's avatar
Ma che bel tutorial! :squee:
Mi sono sempre chiesta come si faceva ^^
Hanatsuki89's avatar
Grazie^^ Sono lieta di tutti questi feedback positivi ^w^
Ne sto cercando di altri da fare, ogni suggerimento è ben accetto :)
MsReverie's avatar
Geniale e utilissimo!
Lilletta's avatar
ma che cosa utilissima *-*
Hanatsuki89's avatar
E ora...tutti in kimono! :D
Hanatsuki89's avatar
Ci ho messo ore a capire come diavolo annodarlo XD E ai primi tentativi il fiocco pareva un aborto della natura da quanto era fatto male X°D
Grazie :)
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