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Kiki Reference Sheet (NEW)

EDIT: The main picture's been replaced with a beautiful edit by Yamio~ She was kind enough to help me fix the chibi, thank you so much!
So I made Kiki a reference sheet a while ago but it's honestly terrible,so I decided to finally give her a proper reference sheet with a very slightly updated design <3

Kiki is a shy and nervous little girl. She loves fluffy and cute things but doesn't get along very well with most people. She lived mostly alone before being taken in by Anika and Miera, where the three of them formed a makeshift family. Anika helps Kiki break out of her shell and learn to form meaningful connections with others while Miera teaches her strength and confidence. Currently, they travel around somewhat aimlessly exploring the world and finding a place where they all belong (as Miera calls it- really it's just sightseeing and keeping up with how much Anika travels with her job as an idol)

The link for her coat pattern:
However, I allow artists to create their own gold patterns for her coat as long as they are relatively similar~

Character belongs to me
Common MYO in Yamio's Anniverse
AU in my own species (not publicly released yet)
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Berryzem's avatar
Just this for the future ♥
HanaoKiku's avatar
Ahhhh Berry I'd die if you drew Kiki at some point ;;;
You're doing Aninktober right? I wanna draw Zemmy at some point so we could do a mini AT?
Or I wonder if it counts if you do a collab... if you wanna do a digital inktober with me maybe we could do a mini collab of Kiki and Zemmy, that might be fun too~ Or not if you don't want to ^^
Berryzem's avatar
O.O Nuu no dying X'D. 

Oooh that'd be awesome! :wow: Long story short, I got up to day 6 and then injured my back so I took a break. >.< I'd really like to get back into it though bc I was meaning to draw Kiki anyway X3. I'll send you a note ;D
HanaoKiku's avatar
Aww that really sucks, I'm sorry to hear that
I hope you're feeling better now and stuff ;;;
I can wait as long as you want if you want more time to recover ofc~
Berryzem's avatar
Yeah, it really set me back a good few days from the event X'D. I'm definitely feeling better than I was last week ^^;. It's okay~ I'm just going to be taking more breaks to make up for it ♥
Miyunn's avatar
The design is so cute!
HanaoKiku's avatar
Ahh, thank you! She's my Main OC and first design I'm happy with so I'm really happy you like her! <3
Mijikuu's avatar
But what about lewd Kiki... *is disappoint*

She's at least still going commando, right? 
HanaoKiku's avatar
omfg how dare you lewd up mah precious Kiki
*is pretending our conversation never happened for the sake of mine and Kiki's dignity*

I'm not even going to answer that you perv
Mijikuu's avatar
Oh come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
let me corrupt your birb


indulge me pls I need this
HanaoKiku's avatar

at least age her up and don't post it ok that's all I ask
Mijikuu's avatar
No promises ;DDDD
kikkidream's avatar
Her design is so adorable!!!! QwQ
HanaoKiku's avatar
Ahhh, thank you Kikki! I'm really happy with her design so I'm super glad you like it too~
erosarts's avatar
That's a very beautiful little costume!
HanaoKiku's avatar
Aww, thank you! <333
I'm very proud of her design~
Endiria's avatar
She's ultra cute, love her hair uvu
HanaoKiku's avatar
Awww, thank you! <3
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