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[032] Metatron

By Hananon
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Name: Metatron

Race: Demon
Element: Dark & Light
Metatron used to be an archangel who was tasked to keep the record of Odin's Knowledge within her memory. One day she was having an affair with a demon lord and planning to overthrown King Odin from his throne. The plan was utterly failed and Metatron was banned from heaven. As a punishment, her memory and eyesight was erased and she is forced to descend to Earth as a mere human.
Without being noticed by Odin, Metatron has already develop a way to keep Odin's Knowledge outside of her memory way before she was descended to Earth. Problem arises when Metatron finally gets the Odin's Knowledge back and transform herself into a wicked demon.

Character Chains:
[001] Venus by Hananon [029] Nagisa by Hananon

Drawing steps: Metatron (STEP BY STEP) by Hananon

Talk about the drawing

Trying to put a little more effort into my artwork & design ^^

Art & Character © Hananon

Software: MangaStudio EX 5, Photoshop
Drawing Tablet: Huion 680TF

Other link
Commission Info | Prints on Redbubble | Facebook | Thousand Characters Project

Other artworks:
[033] Mai Animation Test by Hananon[031] Ai and Chuui by Hananon [029] Nagisa by Hananon
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© 2015 - 2020 Hananon
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With the muted colors, simple face, and soft shading, it feels like the old "Ah! My Goddess!" style. Cool stuff.
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lol, thaanks~
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This is quite lovely 
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Really awesome job. 
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impressive rendering skills 
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Amazing coloring.
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thank you very much ^ v ^
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so how very wow...now! ;D 
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thank youu ^^
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just wonderful
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Like what the guy below me said, the colours are amazing!
So I am guessing she is going to be one of the villians of characters haha. Who is she going to kill first >: )
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thaanks ^^
hohoho who knows what will she becomes, nooo don't kill anyone!
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