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Magical Diary WIP

By hanakogames
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Just a snippet of work-in-progress game so you have some idea that I am working on it. :) With, of course, the help of a LOT of other people!

Character art by:

Textures and brushes by:

The game webpage is at:
[link] and you can find some more screenshots there. The game is not complete, though!
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How do you make the side bar with stats and the day/date in the corner?
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This probably isn't the right place for code discussion - Visit the coding forums here lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/view… and ask around, there are some different examples (and my programmer is occasionally there to give more details)

Hope this helps!
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???? I don't remember this scene while playing the game :/
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Happens in White Magic class when you're getting the warnings about the Otherworld and why you really shouldn't go there.
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Will Magical Diary get a sequel or something?
One which lets us import our characters and play them on the sequel as second years. I really hope so.
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i'm trying to make a game like this as well, can you tell me how you did it??? Just any tips, how to make dialogue, save buttons, energy bars, sprites, etc
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A full how-to-make-games is far too long for a quick tip. :) [link] might give you a starting point.
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Thanks! Helped a lot :)
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I love everything about this game |D

Concerning the character customization...... Did you have to have a separate picture for each possible combination? D8
Im really interested into working customization into my games, but Im terrified.
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It's broken up into a lot of layers that are combined inside the game. Color changes are mostly handled by hue-shifting code, except in the case of skin color where the options come out looking nasty if I try to adjust them that way.

So for each body type, there's a robe base, a set of different skin-color sets, a cape and belt which can be color-shifted to match the right Hall, the set of different belt insignia, the facial expression which has to pick which face set, which expression, and which color-shift is being used, and the hairstyle. All the hairstyles are stored in a kind of red color, which is then color-shifted by code to be whatever you picked at the beginning. And then accessories on top if you have any of those.

There are a LOT of different pieces, but definitely not an image for every possible combination. :) It's more like a dollmaker stacking the bits together.
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There's a hue-shifting code? D8
...I figured there would be, but I feel so dumb. _ _)|||

Well that makes a lot more sense than what I was afraid of... XD

The game was made with renpy, right? Everything is so well done, most everything in the game I would have no clue how to code. Especially the character customization screen, I never even knew it was possible.. Could you tell me how it's done? :O
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You'd have to ask Spiky for details (he does most of the code-level work on the RenPy projects, I used to work in a completely different language) and it wouldn't really fit into comments here anyway. :) But if you ask around the renpy forums there are many helpful people who can give advice and examples!
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Ah, alright. Thanks! :D
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Nice looking screenshot! The art looks fantastic :D
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That's cool! What's this about, anyway? XD!
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Oh, the usual. Go to school, learn magic, save the world. :)

(Not really. The world isn't particularly in danger. Yet.)

It's a sort of magical school dating sim. So you take classes to learn different kinds of magic and hang out with your roommates and other students/teachers. If it goes well, you'll manage to find a date to the dance by the end of the year. In the meantime you have to pass your exams (which involve casting spells in the dungeons) and try not to earn too many demerits.
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Oh! That's cool! BTW, happy holidays! XD!
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intresting I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this game
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OWO <3333 Waaa I want to play this game~ looks interesting!
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Thank you for using my brushes, this is really lovely!
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Oooh...this looks very interesting. And whether intentional or not (I assume it is!) the 'Kahmra' stealing souls is hilarious.
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Oh goodness~ This one seems super interesting~! C:
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