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Magical Diary - Horse Hall

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Our newest game release!

Design your own character to attend a magical school. Learn spells, explore dungeons, and try to get a date for the May Day Ball.

You can watch a trailer video here:


You can also download free demos for the game and try out the character creator here:


Character art by:

Additional elements by:
:iconroguexunited:  :iconmorfachas:  :iconwanderingsoul-stox:  :iconredheadstock:  :iconcosmosue:  :iconsd-stock:
... and others who aren't on DA.

And now, many many years later, the next game in the Magical Diary series is available! (link coming shortly)
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Does HanakoGames have any games similar to Magical Diary?
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It really depends on what kind of similarity you're looking for! If you look around our site and ask on our forums we can probably find suggestions.
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Well, thank you. :3 I'll definitely look around then.
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are you able to get the whole game instead of the demo?
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Yes, you can buy the full game from my site or also from Steam.
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I just got this game and I love it! I really hope you will be able to make a sequel or more for this game. Just tell me how much money I need to throw at my screen! ;)
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I just finished playing this on steam and oh boy, was I in for a ride. :XD: Damn you Damien! You ruined me forever! *shakes fist*
I would love to see a sequel but I can see that it might not even happen - nonetheless I enjoyed it probably more than I should have.. Congrats on making such a pretty little gem. ;)
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that is the one game i really really wish was free. I mean it competes a little with this one game from zevia, but i still want this one more.
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I have to pay for food, you know. :) It goes on sale quite cheap sometimes if you follow the newsletter or track the price on Steam! (And some people randomly give away steam games to those who wishlist them!)
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I have played and played and re-played this game. I found it on steam and it was the best buy ever!
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This is probably my favorite from Hanako Games, it's really fun, and cute. X3 I like being able to customize my character and level up skills. The magic was interesting and fun. :)
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I'd also like a sequel or a different hall option, I bought mine through steam (cause... that's where I buy ALL my games nowadays). I felt the game could have benefited from more options during conversations, mini games for classes/between classes there were many opportunities but sadly none came and a bit more free will, my character kept saying things I seriously wouldn't and would have liked a different option. Damien is just so... omg I won't spoil anything for anyone else but my GOD did I love that story line. My boyfriend laughed at me when I kept swooning though, jerk. I will happily be playing through the other romanceable characters. Overall the artwork was nice and it was a fun little game to play around with,
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I am addicted to this game!! PLEASE make a sequel!
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Since the player's character in this game is a Freshman at Iris Academy, are you going to make other games about her Sophmore, Junior, and Senior years?
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It's not impossible, but it's not planned at this point. The original design was to make games for the freshmen in the other halls (Wolf/Butterfly/Falcon/Snake/Toad) so that players would have a chance to room with and date different sets of characters.

However, as the artist has been busy, at this point all plans are up in the air and no sequels are being actively developed. I really don't know what will happen with this.
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I hope you will be able to do other games of Magical Diary.
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Hi hanakogames im doing a renpy game and i was wondering how you did that "status box" thingy. im a bit new on this Renpy games so i was wondering if you could tell me. x3

PS i played Magical Diary and it was awesome, i really loved it!! >////<
I just wished i could get the full game but im don't have the money right now. but the demo got me intressted on the game nwn
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I'd suggest asking questions the RenPy forums where multiple people can give you advice (and it'll be easier to put long explanations there than here!) :)
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Thanks i will check it out, tanks for telling :)
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Is this game like Cute Knight?
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That depends on how you mean it. :) Best suggestion would be to play the free demo and see.

There are some similarities (They both have dungeons, they both involve raising stats) and some big differences (Cute Knight is a raising sim + RPG. Magical Diary is a dating sim with adventure/RPG sections.) Magical Diary is much more about interacting with characters than Cute Knight is, Cute Knight has a lot more combat and loot and such.
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