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Long Live The Queen (sim game promo)

By hanakogames
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Rule the world or die trying! Our latest release has you guiding the path of the adorable Princess Elodie through the dangerous swamps of political intrigue. REALLY dangerous. Uprisings, civil wars, invasions, evil wizards, assassins, eldritch abominations... What's a cute little magical girl to do?

Raise dozens of skills princess-maker-style, manage your moods and outfits, and try to stay alive!

Game webpage and free demos are here: [link]

Special thanks and shout-outs to:
Izumi K Rukawa [link] whose exceeding awesome art makes Elodie the princess that she is
Hetiru [link] for the nifty wallpaper (available on the game webpage)
Obsidian Dawn [link] whose brushes help make things sparkle
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LordFreezaProfessional Digital Artist
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Short but awesome game!
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Ripo-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the game!!!!!!! but, i want a spanish port! XD
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YasutsunaHobbyist General Artist
Hello there! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Long Live the Queen. (^_^) I loved the hybrid stat management/visual novel approach - it's possible that its unforgiving nature is what drew me to it (being a strategy fan).

I loved the story, and the voluminous research that went into the game. I might've expected a few more splash screens for key moments instead of just text, but it's not too much of an issue.

Just finished my playthrough as a Strategic Elodie. Going to see if I can survive using different specializations.
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Loved the game!
Wish there were more interaction with Charlotte, though. :3
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miladygrimmHobbyist General Artist
This game was incredible to play! Definitely one of the more difficult sims I've encountered...but in the absolute best way. Thank you Hanako games!

Because of this game I purchased Magical Diary and Date Warp.

This is me...begging for more.
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NuciComsProfessional Digital Artist
Oh wow this looks interesting!
I'm going to have to give it a try sometime :D
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fuwaneko Digital Artist
Got it today on Steam. Lovely game, so many ways to die :3
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This is by far my favourite game on the computer but I've been wondering how to get cheats I've already finished the game once but I just don't know if it's even allowed to get cheats is it?
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Go to our forums - there's a request topic for anyone who's bought the game and wants the cheats. :)
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whats the game called?
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Beautiful girl...don't cry. :)
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MamiTeaMamiCakeHobbyist Traditional Artist
in the demo does it let you only do a couple quests before ending or are you not allowed to get some really good stuff
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happy-little-ghostHobbyist General Artist
This game is pretty hard, I keep dying, but I still like it, because Hanakogames made it.
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A-NightmareousHobbyist Digital Artist
I bought this game and it's actually pretty challenging, I always die. :( There's not really much of a love story that I've found, but it's pretty addicting...
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I'll download soon. ;o It sounds interesting, but I'll probably fail at it, lol.
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Oh, god. It's everyone's favorite regicide simulator. Seriously, I still can't get past the ^%*&$% invasion.

This is a good game but it's deceptively difficult.
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OHMIGOD!!!!! <3
I'm officially in love with this game :P
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HyaKkiDouR4nHobbyist Digital Artist
That looks promising. Good luck with it.
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le-papillon-rougeHobbyist General Artist
Otome game

yeah right
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XxDanii-chanxXHobbyist General Artist
Omg!! Another hanakogames' otome game! :iconlalalaplz: :iconiloveitplz:
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